Celebrating, Consuming and Promoting Our Own: Meet 24 Years Old Cameroonian Actress Syriette Che, The Linie Character In SHRILL

Sirri Evat aka Syriette Che is a Cameroonian born, trained and based actress, and a make-up artist from the North West Region.

She made her debut on the screen in 2015, with the movie EARLY SUNSET. These movie brought her to the limelight, and gave her several nominations as Best Actress in a Lead Role, one of which is the recent 2nd Edition of the 'Red Feather Awards 2017'.

Since her performance on EARLY SUNSET, Syriette has been known for her versatility and ability to interpret complex roles, and she has kept an outstanding record over the year.

The actress told Thatcher that "Being part of the informal Actors Training Center 'Rufina's House of Fame' is one the most exciting experience in her career" .

Syriette Che has starred in other amazing movies that has made buzz like SAMSON, ZIG ZIG, MY BEST DAY, TWO WAYS, SHRILL, TENACITY and CONUNDRUM, where she doubled as both make-up artist and cast.

She has also featured in two TV series; SAMBA and APPLE FOR TWO, and is presently involved in upcoming VIRGIN BLADE and many others that are in the pipeline.

Challenges in the industry

According to the actress there are two challenges she faces in the industry:
Where you come fom
'Actors from the Northwest Region of Cameroon are hardly casted in movies produced out of Bamenda. This is due to the fact that people from this part of Cameroon do not support showbiz. As a result, producers will prefer to go for actors in regions that consume their products!'

"Alot in Cameroon is still being done based on 'man know man. This is cuts across the cast, and crew! And with this, some projects either end up dragging your name to the mud, or taking longer time than imagined."

On her most challenging movie, the actress told Thatcher that 'TWO WAYS' is the most challenging movie she has been involved in. And by God's Grace, it is being selected in many festival across Africa and the world!.

On her cast in the much talked about SHRILL, the actress said: "Misplaced dates! I was going for another audition 'little Cindy' which was rather taking place in LIMBE that day. When I got there, it was a different audition going on and was told that the Buea LITTLE CYNDY audition took place but the previous day. So I decided to audition for SHRILL. And... I was casted!"

The actress says she has not yet had the opportunity to work beyond the boundaries of Cameroon, but working with actors and actresses like Helen Paul, Bishop Imeh and Nadia Buhari from neighboring Nigeria and Ghana, she believes doors are opened to her in that direction.

Syriette Che believes that With the rapid rate at which she grows, together with the energy put in place by everyone in the Cameroon Film Industry, CFI she sees herself in 5 years changing the face of Cameroon cinema!

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