Actor/Comedian Alenne Menget Gets A Punch From Delly Singah Philips, After He Caught Fire With A Facebook User, Who Negatively Commented On His Award

ATS Production's Founder, CEO  & Actor Alenne Menget last Friday evening, grabbed the award for the 'Best Dressed Actor in 2017 " during the maiden edition of the Cameroon Fashion Awards 2017 - #CFAAwards2018.

The actor shared his joy via a post on Facebook, appreciating the prayers and support of his fans, that got him the Award.

However, not all the comments about his award were favourable, as one user Fichian Nfi commented;  "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Weh God,!" and all hell broke lose. 

The actor who has deleted his fury below Fichian Nfi's comment, did not find this comment funny, and went ranting on how Fichian who is the sister of prominent US based designer Kibonen Nfi is to be supportive towards him, because he had always supported and still supports Kibonen Nfi.

Finchian fired back, calling on the actor to take off her sister's name, and face the consequences of his arrogance, since she was not mocking at him, but decided to wage war, and so the internet caught fire.

Ok outspoken Media personality Delly Singah Philips,  CEO of Delly Singah Philips Production Networks, probably based on the childish rantings of the actor, has addressed him, indirectly, or better still directly and Facebook users are doubting is the letter was or is about the actor.

Thatcher says YES it is directly to the actor, since we have been monitoring the heat from the start.

Read what Delly wrote:

"I'm sure pissed!!!
It is true indeed what's said about three other fingers pointing at you when one is pointing at others!

You've been a "Big brother" in this industry and alot of us look up to you. We support you, like your comments and share your posts.

You rant quite often about others not being supportive of your work and have recently decided to identify yourself with Nigerians instead cuz according to you, they are your number1 support system. Lol

What baffles some of us is how excited you still are over likes and comments and views on your videos like a baby in the industry. I'm left to wonder what some of us starters are expected to do.

We see your "pettiness" underneath posts that are meant to ridicule others. Yes We see your "sarcasm" and shades in the guise of "friendly comments".
I still can't forget the comment you made regarding the TOP-50-MOST-INFLUENTIAL-CAMEROONIANS!
"WHY you d worry yourself? Them d give money for winners? 
How low for someone who calls himself "Godfather" in this industry!

I got few questions for you...
1. Who do you support literally?
2. Who have you raised in this industry? 
3. When last did you share a "commoner's post?
4. How many hands are you currently holding to leave a legacy when you retire?
5. Do you honestly believe you deserve the award you just received?
6. So why didn't you act accordingly?
7. Why do you always want to associate with the high and mighty yet expecting the commoners to support you?
8. How often do you share your own colleagues' works ie stuffs you were not featured in?

I have nothing personal against you. I like, share and comment on your stuffs. But I'm yet to get a reciprocity from you.
I launched my Online TV Channel, more in line with what you do. 
I expected a Big brother who most often rants about the lack of support to atleast share and hold my hand.
No you didn't! What did you do? You came underneath and in two words you wrote "Great job" and that's the last I heard from you. 
(I know for how long I ran after you to get your support)

Yet you cry foul when you're not treated as expected yet I (we) are yet to see you play the role of the Big brother you are in the industry.
Congrats on your Awards! 
I see how happy you are regarding your award and how much you've clapped back on especially those who dared to differ...
That's how hurt I was when you SHADED the previous award I was privileged to be featured in.

And no I'm not trying to get attention, I'm only trying to let you in on what's on the minds of those who truly love and look up to you.
Lead by Example!"

A branded actor like Alenne Menget should know how to manage his sentiments online. He is where he is today, because people follow and support him, and if at one time, someone's ideology has to contrast his, he should not pick up a fight.

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