Woman Whose 9 Years Old Daughter Was Raped In Yaounde, Tells The Court She Is Dropping All Charges Against The Rapist, For An Amicable Settlement

The Yaounde High Court was shocked, when a mother whose 9 years old daughter was raped by a man in his late thirties said she was dropping charges against the rapist for an amicable settlement in the quarters.

The mother claims the man's honesty in accepting his crime is enough reason for her to forgive him, and more especially the culprit is someone she personally knows, who used to help run some errands for her and her children.

"He is someone I know very well. He also used to help run some errands for me and my children at home. He is very quiet, and I don't know what came over him. Moreover, his family has pleaded with me a lot, so I am dropping all charges against him for us to settle the matter amicably at home." The mother of the victim told the court.

"My daughter is feeling fine thanks to hospital treatment, which is the most important." She continued.

Dimitri the rapist was arrested in February 2016, for raping the 9 year old daughter of his neighbor at Mendong a neighborhood in Yaounde. The little girl's mother had travelled to Nkongsamba for a funeral, leaving her children under the care of Dimitri as she usually does.

While the other children were asleep, Dimitri took the 9 years old child into the room, where he lustfully penetrated her, and asked her to remain lip tight. 

When the woman returned from her trip, she saw a toilet tissue soaked with blood in the toilet.

After questioning her 9 year daughter on who used the toilet in her absence and left a blood soaked toilet tissue, the child told her everything that happened, and she immediately had Dimitri arrested, and since 2016, he has been at the Yaounde Kondengui Central prison.

Dimitri who has been pleading guilty from day one of his trial said he was sorry, and that he was deceived by one of his friends who told him he 'will feel good' if he slept with a child below 10. A declaration the court did not find funny.

However the lawyer for the victim also pleaded in favour of the culprit, saying it is  'Dimitri's first public crime, and that he should be given a benefit of doubt.'  

However, the court refused the option of dropping the case and letting Dimitri walk home a free man. According to the State Council, the court was expecting to hear that Dimitri was a pedophile or a mentally unhealthy person who needed help, which was not the case.

"Your amicable settlement has nothing to do with the court." the Sate Counsel said."We are going to judge him by the law." He concluded, while adjourning the case to February 20th 2018, for the verdict.

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