Lady Who Allegedly Gave Kiki Bandy Fake Gists About Actress Solange Ojong And Business Tycoon Edison Fru In Boiling Pot Of Soup Before The Law

The lady who allegedly gave Kiki Bandy of Kinnaka's Blog the juice about Actress Solange Ojong and her alleged hot public romance with Bamenda based business tycoon married man Edison Fru Ndi, is presently sweating her ass in the sleepless night school of 'had I known' regrets standard 5.

Jessie Nehwah, friend of the actress and former worker of Edison's Dreamland Restaurant and Dreamland The Chase allegedly used Solange's phone, to take photos of the couple which she allegedly forwarded to the blogger, who wrote a defamatory post on the actress as screenshot below.

In the slanderous post of November 19, 2017, the blogger reported that the actress was introduced to the  Dreamland boss by one of her close colleagues, even though she did not mention her name. She wrote that Solange and Edison were seen multiple times at different joints in Bamenda, even though the said Edison is the husband of one Pamela, with whom he has kids.

According to the blogger's post, the actress and mother of four had to blackmail one of her friends(probably  the Nehwah lady) to Edison, to get into his good records, at the detriment of the job of Jessie.

Kiki in her post said the actress got pregnant for the Dreamland man, but suffered a miscarriage, and alleged that it is  one of the actress's strategies to suck most of her dates especially married men dry financially. 
The photo that betrayed the source of the information

This reporter Henriette Thatcher contacted Solange on phone to get her version of the story in December when Kiki broke it, but the actress said she had no story to tell, and that she knew where the photo that Kiki used in her post came from, and that she was going to attack from that angle silently, which she truly did.

Well, fresh reports form our sister blogger of Dcoded Tv Joan Ngomba says  Edison Fru Ndi, the Dreamland boss claims the “close friend” who sent out that information to Kiki Bandy is one of his former employee, Solange’s one time close friend, Jessie Nehwah, who  has since been sacked from his restaurant also  served with a convocation for defamation.

The alleged culprit Jessie denies having liaison with Kiki Bandy, let alone sourced the info and photos to her.

“I didn’t even know Bandi Kiki, until after I was accused of spreading the rumors of Edison and Solange love affair,” claims Jessie.  So if she didn’t send Kiki the pic, who did? Solange Ojong herself? .

Dcoded Tv also reports that, Jessie was recently locked up at the Bamenda Judicial Police Station, where she spent three nights,  on charges of taking an illegal picture of Edison and Solange; Circulating false news of Edison and Solange on social media; Writing defamatory stories about the said couple; Alleging Edison and Solange are having a secret affair  and claiming Solange Ojong is pregnant for Edison.

The first hearing of the case comes up on Friday February 2nd, 2018 at the Bamenda Court of First Instance, where Jessie will answer for her actions if she is guilty, even though she is claiming  her former boss Mr. Edison is  owing her months of unpaid salary, and is threatening her life.
However, the contumelious article written by our sister blogger Kiki Bandy, has not only tarnished the image of the beautiful successful actress and discredit her in her job, but it also put Mr. Edison's marriage at stake.
Kiki who promised to bring more of the juice has chilled down ever since echoes of the heat of the consequences started burning its culprits. Oyah continue to bring peoples' life to social media.

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