Franck Biya Allegedly Accused Of Disappearing Case File Against Him In The Courts of Paris -France

Franck Emmanuel Biya
Last  year, we wrote about an impending law suit against Franck Biya, his mother inlaw, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh,  some Law enforcement Officers and magistrates in a court in Paris.
The case was filed by one Pastor Augustine Nkoma, who accused his culprits of 'forgery and the use of forgery'.
Updates from Buzz du Cameroon about this case says the case file has disappeared from the office of the State Counsel General at the Court in Paris.
The complain was deposited at the court on May 31st 2017, but looks like the game masters of Yaounde have used their dark circuits to get rid of the case file to save their heads from embarrassment.
According to Pastor Augustine Nkoma, his complain against the aforementioned individuals was received at the services of the court in Paris, and a proof of the reception which is a stamped document was handed to him by the courier service he contracted in France for the job.

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Buzz du Cameroon reports that Pastor Nkoma received a letter last September 27, 2017, from the court in Paris informing him of the non reception of his complain. After many inquiries and concertations with officials that be in the court, it was discovered that the complain disappeared somewhere along the line, before it even got to the secretariat of the Procureur.
The most intriguing part of the game is that all fingers are pointing towards Franck Emmanuel Biya, first son of President Paul Biya, who sources say was the chief culprit in the case.
Pastor Nkoma was unjustly sentenced to six months imprisonment by the circle of the corrupts in Yaounde, without any charge against him. He was the leader of a certain association called APAD (Association for the anthropology of social change and development), and had gone to request audience at the Presidency in a letter of May 23rd 2016. The audience he was seeking was for some Indian Investors, who were to visit Cameroon, and would have loved to meet Mrs Chantal Biya.
When his audience letter got to the Presidency, it caught the attention of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic, because there were names like Mme Nyangono Ebollo epouse Baroux, mother in-law of Frank Biya among the list of signatories of those wishing to meet Mrs. Biya.
Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh immediately concluded that Pastor Augustine Nkoma was impersonating Mme Baroux, and immediately had him arrested by GMI, who  presented him to the State Counsel of the Yaounde high court.
The State Counsel sent him to the Yaounde Kondengui  Central prison, where he spent six months without any charges levied against him, or persons accusing him. 

He left jail on February 10th, 2017, and decided to drag Franck Biya, his mother in-law, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the Law Officers of GMI who illegally arrested him at the instruction of Ngoh Ngoh, and the judges who sentenced him to six months imprisonment without any motive to court.
He decided to trust the judicial system in France, dodging the corrupt system of Cameroon, forgetting that Cameroon is a grandson of France, whose judicial system is more corrupt than that of Cameroon, and it was in a court in Paris that his case file went missing.
The big question is, who stole the case file in the court in Paris? .

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