Caught Up In The Web Of Deceit From Alain Her Bush Faller Inamorato - Solange Cries For Help In Regret


Dear HTL readers, I recently told ladies that there were no Bush Faller(Cameroonians lives abroad) who is single, and that they better manage their local men who are at their beck and core daily, than the Princes of Wales, New York, Davos , Paris, Quebec etc...,  who leave their families over the oceans, feed you with false hopes, lure you to satisfy their lusts, and dump you like trash after exhausting every taste of sweetness in you.  Guess what! the story you are about to read, will make you believe me.

Well sisters, prove me wrong, after reading this sister, who found her own bush faller inamorato, and dreamed floating till the 9th hour of the day, when she crash landed in despair, and woke up to find that she had been lusting for another woman's husband.

Hear her:

'Hello Thatcher, please share my experience with the whole world. Above all, remind them that; 'All that glitters is not gold'. Alain has dealt with my heart mercilessly. Men are devils.

'He was handsome, fair in complexion, tall and smiling as he walked elegantly towards me. I could not help but admired how fitted his jean trouser stood on his waist, as I walked towards the cashier  of one of the biggest super markets in  Douala, where I had gone shopping for a small house party I was organizing for my 34th birthday. 

The smile on his face could tell he had been following me inside the shop to the counter, and had fallen for my good looks. He insisted on paying my bill which was roughly 122.oo0F CFA (246 USD) and offered to walk me off to my car.

While at the parking lot,  Alain introduced himself as a Cameroonian resident in Switzerland, who had come home to spend the Easter holidays after 5 years of being away.

We exchanged contacts, and by the time I got home, he had sent me more than ten text messages appreciating my looks. 

Two days later, we hooked up for a dinner date, and the evening was unending with tales of our past being told over plates of food we ate for more than three hours. After that date,  hum! I saw my dream life sparkle with me in his arms, and there was no way I would let that opportunity slip off my fingers.

I had been having some small normal relationship fights with Damian my boyfriend of four years. Damian was a good looking guy in his late thirties, and a worker with one of the foreign oil companies. Though not my dream man he had extraordinary 'caring qualities' that stuck me to him. 

Local as he was, he cared and cherished me a lot, but he wasn’t the romantic type. He would prefer home cooked meals to outside candle light dinner dates. He would prefer watching CNN or Super Sport all weekend than to go for a romantic getaway. To him love making was not a passion, but an ordinary activity in the task list of a relationship.

Damian had opened me a retail fashion shop, which was very comfortable, and provided for my excesses. When Damian was not working, he was helping me out in the shop, with sales and every other thing to keep my business growing.

He was on a business trip overseas when I met Alain, so I had the wings to fly without landing.

Alain invited me to his apartment and told me in advance that I would be sleeping over. I had fallen head over heels for him and could not resist any of his invitations.

He was incredibly passionate, the text messages he sent always kept smiles on my face, opened my pores and made my heart skip. 

I wish to devour the sweetest pie in the bakery, and I need it very very hot. Can I have it delivered at my door steps at 7 p.m prompt?" He texted. That was how distinct his messages were, something Damian never did. His best messages were 'I di wait you,' or 'I di come I hope say you dey house.' Damian was everything, except lovey-dovey, which was the embodiment of Alain.

I topped up my style, and transformed myself into the hottest  sweetest pie from the oven, with that oily appetizing  mouth watering glow, which left everyone begging for a bite.

I knocked at the door of his equipped rental apartment at Rue Koloko Bonapriso at 7 p.m. just on time for the rendezvous. 

Wow! the radiance lightening up the space was soft and cool,  making me feel like 'Alice in the wonderland.' The fragrant of the  house was exotic and on a coach, he had used some rose petals to write:

As I stood in lust and wondering contemplation, Alain kissed my cheeks, and before I could balance my feet, he seized my lips and sucked them passionately for more than two minutes, and then gave me a wet kiss on my forehead before finally holding me tight to himself. I could fell his heart beat racing at an indescribable pace, as he himself couldn't resist the freshness of the pie that was to be served him in a diamond platter.

He finally loosened me off his embrace and said in a soft but loud voice “Welcome baby”. I smiled and fumbled to say “Thank you” from my throat that was choked with emotions. I couldn’t utter a word. My emotions were at its peak, as I managed to fake a smile, hidding my heightened emotions under my belly.

I sat opposite the coach that welcomed me with flowers, and before I knew it Alain was playing ‘My Heart will always go on’ by Celine Dione. I had told him during one of our lunch dates about the type of music I love on different occasions.

That was the night of my life a romantic souvenir treasured for all eternity.

From the home served delicious dinner, drinking 'sex on the beach' punch made by him. etc….. We discussed at length and from every indication Alain wasn’t ready to share me with any other man. He was ready for me. He wanted me for life. He said I was his reason to be grateful to the skies etc....

We went into the room and the bed was all rosy, the entire room sweet scented lavender, my favorite fragrance. I told him I wanted to shower, and he showed me into the bathroom where Madebyzen Signature Candle, with a calming blend of neroli, lavender, vanilla and sandalwood scent caressed my nose, my favorite colour of fresh roses, a bottle of wine with executive glasses close to a Jacuzzi bath all joined to say; 'WELCOME TO PARADISE'. Till that day, I had only seen such things on movies, and there I was, real and live being a part of it. Hum! Alain!

He stripped me off completely, and to arouse me even more,  slow soft sounds were coming from a magic speaker somewhere at the corner of the bathroom,  playing all the romantic songs of my favorite singers, perfecting the atmosphere.

He kissed me softly and gently, rubbing every part of my skin with his expert hands and fingers, as I responded positively,  helplessly trembling at each stroke. Thanks to Alain I discovered for the first time the real soft spots in me.

It took twenty minutes of caresses, before it finally happened. We made real and passionate love; something Damian doesn't have a clue. Something I never knew existed. My ears were blocked because of an extra high sweet sensational orgasm. My entire body including each strand of my hair quivered after the extra ordinary foreplay.

We spent almost an hour in the bathroom, doing every sweet, rough and dirty things under love making, and when we went to bed it was a night of endless pleasures. Our body chemistry blended so well that we could not have enough of each.

Early the next morning, while I was still asleep, I felt a gentle breeze over my nose, and felt his soft lips stamping a soft kiss on  my forehead down. I opened my eyes to find a trolley of European breakfast starring at me. I jumped from bed, rushed into the bath, freshened up, came back and had breakfast right in bed for the very first time in my life. After all the touches, rubbings and hot fun, he offered to drop me off at my place, which I gladly accepted. 

Alain became that bright, strong and smart side of me which Damian failed to exploit. Every passing day, I thanked God for bringing him into my life. We spent most of our time together either in my apartment or in his own.

On my birthday proper, I invited some few friends and relatives to celebrate with me. and that was when Alain walked up from where he was sitting, put off the music that was playing and openly popped up the question I was waiting for; "Babe, will you be by me, walk with me and stay with me for the remaining days of my life?”. There couldn’t have been any better birthday gift than this, as I echoed 'yessssssssssssssss,' to the delight of all.

We were all thrilled, as the party continued till about 11 p.m, when took us to a night club, where he had made big arrangements with his friends to set ablaze. Wow!, it was such a blast. We danced till 5 a.m and went home in the early hours of the next morning. Ouf

Alain's  presence was fast erasing Damian's memories from my life.

When Damian came back from his trip, everything had change. I couldn't tolerate him anywhere around me. I always had one lie or complain to give him, which will result to a fight and he will walk away angrily but in one piece. 

Damian was so nice to me, he never wanted to see me cry. He couldn't hold an argument with me for fear of losing me. But he noticed that something had changed. He saw a different me. The arrogant me that I had hidden for four years. He knew I had tasted something different from him, but he couldn't lay his finger on the who, how, when, why and where?. 

Time came for Alain to go back to Switzerland. The separation was painful but he had to go because of his job. He promised coming back in December so that we could plan our wedding. Everything happened so fast that I did not see the crooked twist that was to shatter my my Disneyland dream.

We spent most of our nights, reviving our commitments by having online sex and doing things as if we were together. 

Damian on his part was working hard to bring me back to his side. His family tried to intervene  in vain. I watched him cry out his frustrations away, all to have a bit of my stone turned heart fleshed up. He almost lost his job because he was emotionally drained and couldn't concentrate.

I was in the middle of the road, It was either I let go of my new found happiness, or continue to be in the lurk worm relationship by softening up a bit for Damian.

That incomparable sweetness Alain gave me and everything about him made me bold and stiff in the face of Damian's pains, until I discovered the unimaginable of Alain."

Come back for the end tomorrow dear HTL readers, and then we shall decide together on how to kill Alain.

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