Exiled CRTV Journalist John Mbah Akuro Says Gen Elokobi Should Bow Out Of President Biya's Agenda Appointment

Exiled CRTV Veteran Journalist has written an open letter to General Daniel Elokobi calling on him to reject his appointment as Team leader of the military group sent to fight the people of Manyu over the killing of more than 10 soldiers.

Read below:

Message to General Elokobi Njock

Dear senior brother,

It is now very obvious that the Yaounde authorities have taken note of the human feelings in you, of the decision you made to stand for what is right in the sight of God, of your patience and ability to die for what you believe in.

Valiant Catholic brother, the decision by Yaounde to earmark you for this evil cleansing exercise of your own people is an attempt to test the Christian in you, it is also an attempt to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that the only god that should be worshipped in Cameroun is Paul Biya, the sangobinatan and nothing else!

I am aware you know the Bible forbids you from carrying arms against your own kith and kindred. This means the choice before you is a very hard one, but from a natural perspective, the choice could well be easy.

Many who do not know you would doubt that you can well resign over this and damn the consequences, that you can well say "honour and fidelity" also understands good conscience, because humans are not robots. You know where you come from and you also know what is good for you, of course again you know what you need to bequeath to your children in the pages of history; an honorable name and not pages full of the innocent blood of a people you entered the army to protect.

Senior brother, this is also a clear attack against your Christian faith. While in the East and serving in Bertoua, you spared blood where even the law would have stood by you if you spilled it! It was not the statute of a Man of God you saw before you, it was your faith in what is Divine that was the driving force in your action. And without knowing it, you have since stood out as a model; as a brave man who resisted the easy wrong to stand with the hard right. This is the time to say "No" to them once and for all.

For your information big brother, the people of Southern Cameroons will never renege on this struggle; it is now a matter of life and death for us all.

This is the time to know on whose side you stand; with the people, the hard right or with the oppressor, the easy wrong. The Zimbabwean experience stands glaring for you to see what direction to take.

But, while you determine which way to go, be assured that Southern Cameroons MUST be free with or without your inputs! Hope this clarification helps you make an informed decision.

God is still saying something.

Your Junior Brother,

John Mbah Akuroh

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