Vision4 Journalist Parfait Ayissi Etoa Accused Of Sodomizing A 17 Years Old Teenage Girl - Read The Girl's Revelations In Here Plus Video

According to multiple sources on Social Media, including Paul Chouta and Boris Bertolt, Vision4's Journalist Parfait Ayissi who was among those clamouring for genocide on anglophones, sexually abused a 17 years old teenage girl, promising to offer her holiday job in their media house.

Paul Chouta a French speaking blogger investigated the matter, by talking to the family of the victim, and the victim herself, after trying to talk it out with the culprit in vain.
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The victim Bonita is a student of Government Secondary School Obala in the Lekie Division, of the Center Region, some 45 kms away from capital city of Yaounde. 

Bonita was born  on March 4, 2000 in Obala, and she grew up with a passion for journalism. This passion motivated her to enroll in the 'News Club' of her school. 

Her ambition to see her dreams come true as a big journalist, made her a fan of Vision4 Television channel with particular liking for 'Tour d'Horizon,' 'Dinosaures de l'information,' where one of the dinosaurs converted to 'Dinosaures du Kosovo.' 

This  program is live and interactive, and so she too like other audiences sent her contributions through text messages.

In some of her messages, she also manifested her interest and desire of being recruited for holiday job in this media group, which was how Parfait got her number in February 2017.

According to the Paul Chouta's interview with the victim,  Parfait encouraged Bonita to deposit a handwritten application for a holiday job. He even invited her to his office in Nsam Yaounde, where he carried out unorthodox sex practices on her.

According to revelations from the teenage girl, Parfait fucked the living the  daylight out of her  anus in his office, and when he was in the act, he behaved like someone who is possessed.

Below is an interview with the victim, by Paul Chouta(PC).

Bonita: Honestly, it was the first time. The very first time in my life that such a thing was done to me.

PC: What happened when he took you into the hotel? 

Bonita: The day we went to the hotel he asked me to do him a blow-job(oral sex). He also did the same thing to me. He had sex with me which was hum, as if he was under an influence. He kept squealing like a pig. He was breathing too fast and making funny sounds that I had never heard.

PC: What parts of your body did he touch?

Bonita: My breasts and my anus. He was also using his fingers inside my vagina and anus, with his long nails. I didn't like it. Each time I told him I didn't like it, but I had no choice because that was his password. He said he loved doing it that way. Few days after our hotel meeting, he asked me to come again to Yaounde. That was on a Wednesday.
When I arrived, he took me round the town in his car, The airconditioner in his car was not working. We went to see the mechanic together, to have it fixed. He told me how he spend lots of money to repair his car. Then he took me again to the hotel. Just like the first time he fingered me and made love to me again. Another day he invited me over, and when I came, I went to the media house where he works. I cannot remember who they had as guest on TV that day, but he said  he couldn't leave the office premise, and proposed  we make love in the office. That was the day he sodomized me.

PC: So he had sex with you in the anus?. 

Bonita: Yes he had told me about it in advance. He told me that was the route he used for sex.

PC:Did you refuse?

Bonita: Yes. I told him I did not know to do it. That day, he said, that is how we will be having sex henceforth.  That I have to do it to become a good journalist, and that I was to do everything he asked me to do, if I wanted to succeed in the profession.

PC: So you have to go through.... He had to sex you through the anus.

Bonita: Yes in his office. He made love to me that day through my anus.

PC: Did you tell him how painful it was? 

Bonita: It was very painful. I shrieked. Maybe their office doors are sound protected, because am not sure people outside could hear my voice, because that day, I was in severe pains. It was very painful.

PC: Did he stop?. " 

Bonita: No. He was carried away in his pleasures. He was breathing too fast like someone possessed by spirits. Always touching me. Yes, and when it was done I left. 

When I left there that day, I didn't want to go back to see him. For two weeks, he kept ringing my phone, but I always found some excuses to give him why I couldn't come. I was in pains. I had to let the pains go away. Some liquid was coming out from my anus. My anus was always wet. After two weeks, it stopped. During the two weeks I was avoiding to meet Parfait. I did not want the situation to worsen. After the two weeks, we began meeting very often in Yaounde. We were already in June, and exams were approaching. I then told Parfait that it was time to deposit my application, but he kept avoiding the topic. He tried to tell me that 'you see they cannot take you' I... I.

PC: So he started looking for escaping faults right?

Bonita: I did not want to believe what my eyes where seeing or my ears were hearing, since he was still speaking in parables. I prepared my application, but had some difficulties in getting my school attendance certificate. When I finally succeeded in getting it, I went and deposited it. The day I went to deposit the documents, he had sex with me. 

I left, promising to come back to Yaounde after my PROBATOIRE examination. 

I called my sister in Yaounde to inform her I will be coming to Yaounde to stay with her during the holidays, explaining that I had spoken with Parfait, who have agreed to offer me a holiday job at Vision4. I didn't tell her the other part of the story, and she said accepted that I can come and spend the holidays at her place, provided my holiday job was going to fetch me money for my education. 

I travelled to Yaounde, around the 29th of June, sent a text to Parfait that I was already around. He gave me a program for late in the evening. 

Late in the evening I sent him a message that I was ready and waiting for him, he asked me to wait for him at Carrefour Ancien Kami. He picked me up from there, and took me to a place where there are many prostitutes. 

I really do not know Yaounde well. He spoke with the prostitutes, asking them if they wanted to have sex with this girl(talking about me). One of the girls rudely answered that she wasn't into that, and that she was there for men not for women. She said it vulgarly. He felt disappointed, but finally, succeeded in taking three of the girls to ride with us in the car.

PC: Three girls to have sex with you?'. 

Bonita: We were four.

PC: So he wanted to initiate you into homosexuality? 

Bonita: We were four of us in the car.

PC: Three prostitutes and you

Bonita: The three girls, myself and him. He took us into a hotel. We passed through Olympique. It was around Djeuga. He took me and the girls into the hotel. The girls undressed me. They licked my anus, and were touching every part of my body, while the other one was making love to Parfaif. He called it orgy(sex party involving many partners). He told me that was the principle, because while in the car, I told him I did not know how it is done. He said the girls will show me. and that it was the condition. It was the procedure. He was telling me that my career as a journalist was in his hands. He had sex with me as well. He also licked my anus, as if he was possessed. He had a different spirit in him. It was not the man we see on TV. It was someone else. As if he was fulfilling a ritual.

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