Nathalie Koah Reportedly Paid 5 Million F CFA For The Press To Make Noise On her Palaver With Samuel Eto'o - Video

The Nathalie Koah/ Samuel Eto'o sex-split episode is over, as both parties have moved on in life. Nathalie has a baby for anoher man, while Eto'o got married to the mother of his kids Georgette. 

However, new revelations are surfacing, implicating the self-made socialist, who took advantage of her sex scandal with International striker Samuel Eto'o to mount the ladder of fame she is swimming in today. New reports say Nathalie paid 5 Million F CFA to Chantal Roger TuilesDirector of Publication  of 'La Tribune de L'Est' newspaper, to buy the press over to her side, and get the media talking about their story

The revelation was made on Sunday Nov. 12, 2017 on Canal 2 International Tv channel, during the Sunday evening debate program "L'Arene', when one journalist Souley, confronted Chantal Roger Tuile on how he collected 5 Million F CFA from Miss Nathalie Koah, to have the press talking about her separation scandal with Goledor Samuel Eto'o Fils. Soley also disclosed that Mr. Tuile later collected 12 Million F CFA from Samuel Eto'o, and turned his back on Nathalie

Tuile did not deny the allegations, and  disclosed that Nathalie was being threatened, probably by Eto'os' gang. She was arrested and locked up at the Mokolo Police station. By the time her release was secured, her car was seized, her bank account frozen, and Eto'o was claiming close to 20 Million F CFA from her, from his Rolex watch she allegedly stole from him while they were dating.

Nathalie Koah was devastated. That was how her lawyers whose offices are at Avenue Germaine Yaounde, contacted him(Tuile). They met together with Nathalie, who said she wanted the press to talk about the feud she and he ex were having, but especially to her favour

According to Tuile, he told Nathalie that for the press to make loud noise about the issue, she had to motivate them, because knowing how his colleagues of other media houses are, they won't talk about such stories on their network, without financial motivation.

She brought out 5 Million F CFA, begged Tuile that due to all the shortcomings befalling her, she could not afford more than that for the Press. 

Tuile said he collected the money and invited Directors of Publication of power media houses in the country, at 'Dubai', a drinking spot in Tsinga Yaounde. He told them the story and shared the money among them, including himself.

The next day, the press carried the story, and that is how the matter themed; "L'Affair Koah" became a national beef.

Three days after the publication, a man called Tuile on phone. His name is Jean Bruno Tagni, a journalist with Canal2 International. The journalist was in Brazil at that time. He told Tuile on phone that Big 9 wanted to talk with him. When Tuile asked who Big 9 was, he said Samuel Eto'o Fils.

According to Tuile, Eto'o told him on phone that he(Tuile) was stepping inside an issue that concerns couples. Eto'o asked if Tuile had children. Tuile said 'yes'. Eto'o asked again if he could send him some photos, for him to see if any man could digest such humiliations, and Tuile 'Yes'.

That was how Eto'o sent Tuile the unclad photos of Nathalie Koah and Fally Ipupa in bed, which went viral on Social Media. Those photos of Nathalie and Fally in bed, was the bone of contention between the two love birds.

After Tuile received the photos, it is alleged Eto'o gave him 12 Million F CFA, to have the story turned to his favour.

Neither has the Socialite nor the Goledor's communication team have reacted to this new revelation.

Watch the show below:

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