Colonel Didier Badjeck and Boris Bertolt Fights On Social Media Over Boris' Declaration On A Video Showing The Colonel's Inability To Manipulate A Machine Gun

Colonel Didier Badjeck, spokes person for the Cameroonian Army and France based Cameroonian journalist Boris Bertolt are at each other's throat on social media, following a comment Boris made about a video posted online, of the Colonel struggling to pull a machine gun in the North.

Watch the video below:

It all started after Boris posted the video on his Facebook wall on Friday Nov. 3, 2017. The video shows how Colonel Badjeck was having difficulties in manipulating a machine gun. Boris captured the video: "A whole Colonel Didier Badjeck, mouthpiece of the Ministry of Defense still learning how to shoot with a machine gun."

Social media went ranting, and all hell break loose as the Colonel went to his own Facebook page to answer Boris with insults: "Boris Betolt, I don't want any contact with you.You stink alot. If you had gone a little further to school, you would have known that an officer does not shoot with a machine gun, but commands with a handgun.  

So stop ostentatiously exhibiting your lack of culture. I hate you so much and do not even know that you exist in your rat hole on exile. So peace. I'm sure tomorrow you'll call me homosexual.

It is your only domain of definition in your little bird brain. Come out with a more lively and deep debate. Nice weekend. You are not obliged to reply me."
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Boris did not only react by calling the  Colonel 'Senegalese rifleman', but threatened to to unveil secrets, if the army continues to attack him because of the video.


Ah! what an honour to receive a reply from  the Colonel, mouthpiece of the Ministry of Defense. Just that you have hit the wrong target Mr. Didier Badjeck.

will begin by saying you that you are an amnesiac. You say you do not want any contact with me. Was it not you who was trying to get in touch with me months back, to work for you on Social Media? I won't say much now.

It is not me, BUT YOU, who posted on social media, to brag about a video, showing you slumping on a 12.7 machine gun, as if you were at a fast food joint enjoying hamburger.

It was not me who rudely told you that "you cannot shoot with a 12.7 machine gun". It was your element, a mere soldier, who addressed a Senior Officer in a harsh tone, after seeing you wasting bullets that costs much to the State budget.

Don't get lost in explaining yourself or justifying your failures. An officer, be it a sailor, aviator, parachutist or doctor, is expected to take appropriate training in shooting practice. The 12.7 machine gun is not part of the newly invented weapons. The truth is: You do not know how to shoot. And that's all !!!

I will avoid commenting on the nice little word of threats and insults you made to me. I allow your admirers see for themselves the language level and type of language used by an army spokesperson in a serious country with so many intellectual.

Minister Beti Assomo of the Defense, you who is very orderly and polite, you yourself should come and read what your mouthpiece can lay on social media. Are you sure this guy is serious?.

While waiting to read from you again dear 'Senegalese rifleman', I will like you to know that my next salve will be on the 14.5 machine gun. Meanwhile I advice that you load a piece of bread with beans, so that you will have balance in the shooting position.

I am impatiently waiting for your next reaction my Colonel.

Will Colonel Badjeck allow sleeping dogs lie, or will he face Boris?

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