'As long as Paul Biya is in power, no one can do me anything, because we are from the same village,' Catholic Priest Who Allegedly Rapes 3 years Old Child Brags Openly

The Catholic church in Cameroon is plagued with yet another detrimental scandal on pedophile. According to various sources, the Ebolowa Diocese and some top figures of the Catholic church have been comfortably sitting in silence on this scandal for more than a year, fighting tooth and nail to keep it from the pubic. But their fight has only ended up putting the incident on the billboards of Social Media.

According to the Press Release here below from the MANDELA Center, an NGO on Human Rights and Victims of Social Injustice, Rev, Fr. Ze Ondoua, culprit of this heinous crime, allegedly raped 3 years old Evindi Annie Lydie, on May 29th 2016, during the prize giving ceremony marking the end of the academic year,

According to the release, little Annie was a pupil of the Catholic school Abang of 'Saints Anne and Joachim's Parish' Abang, one of the 62 parishes of the Ebolowa Diocese. She and other pupils gathered at the school yard for the end of academic school year prize award ceremony, in the presence of the clergy of the above mentioned Parish, parents and other guests.

Her name was among the list of recipients for the award, but when she was called up, there were no signs of her. Some people said they saw one of the Priests Rev. Fr. Ze Ondoua Martin, holding her hand and walking her through his apartment. 

The horrified crowd went to Fr. Ze's apartment, knocked the door to no avail, until they had to force it opened. They found the helpless little Annie Lydie bleeding and lying unconscious, after being raped by the Priest.

The crowd pounced on Fr. Ze to end his miserable life, but were stopped by the forces of law and order, who arrived on time to save him.

The little girl was rushed to the hospital by her grand father Engamba Louis Robert, despite the fact that the church had intervened, and wanted to solve the matter behind close doors. 

Medical personnel at the Ebolowa Regional hospital were dumbfounded, at how her entire genital system was damaged by the penetration of the demon in white cassock.

Grandpa Engamba pressed charges with the State Counsel of the the Ebolowa High Court, for 'rape, arbitrary arrests, sequestration, and witchcraft practicing,' but the Priest was never arrested, and the investigation that was opened for the case came to standstill.

Despite series of letters to top Clergies of the Catholic church including the Apostolic Nuncio to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, top State quarters including the office of the First Lady Chantal Biya, the family of the victim only got a disturbing and provocative silence from all quarters, including the Presidency. 

Worse of all, the culprit Rev. Fr, Ze Ondoua Martin keeps bragging that 'as long as President Paul Biya is sitting on the Etoudi throne, no one can do anything to him, since they are from the same village.'

As it stands, medical science say the little Annie Lydie can never become a mother when she grows up, and her family is pleading with men and women of good will to assist them with the treatment of the little girl, that seems to have gone beyond modern medicine.

Read the release below:

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