The Longue Longue/Lady Ponce Social Media War Intensifies - Longue Longue Is A Gay Lady Ponce Lash Out

The Social Media war between Longue Longue and Lady Ponce is far from being over, as Lady Ponce has embarked on a 'tell it all' media tour, after Longue Longue recently provoked her by posting a photo of her bleached fingers on his Facebook page.

Confronted with many insults on her personality, the Bikutsi Diva is going after the 'Privatisation' singer, accusing him of being a gay, and  lover of charlatans. 

According to Lady Ponce, the battle started when Longue Longue went live on Facebook, blaming Lady Ponce for abandoning him while in jailed in France. He also accused her of owing him the sum of 2000 Euros(1 311 914 F CFA)which she promised to refund while he was in jail. Longue Longue further called Lady PONCE A 'HYPOCRITE and an ILLITERATE.' 

Lady Ponce did not find this attack funny and opened up about it, on Vision4's program 'Décryptage', where she was an invited guest. She said she can't wait to meet with Longue Longue face to face to deal with him and his lousiness.

"Longue Longue and myself will have to meet face to face. But because I know he is a coward, he won't have anything to say." Lady Ponce said during the program.

In another radio interview, the 'Obale' singer said the 'Ayo Africa' singer is fighting her because of he wanted to snatch her ex-boyfriend from her. 

Lady Ponce disclosed that the whole saga with Longue Longue started when he came out from jail, and she wanted to help introduce him to her ex-man, who has always assisted artists through her. The day she invited Longue Longue, he came in at the Meridian Hotel France, hot and sexy in a tight fitting stretched pant and top to reveal his body build, thinking the guy will fall for him, but the guy wasn't interested at all.

Since he did not succeed to win Lady Ponce's ex-loverboy, he decided to settle score with her his way.

Lady Ponce said Longue Longue is one unfortunate ugly man who has no sexual attraction.

" In a few days from now, I will publish letters that you sent to Cameroonian officials on how you were sexually abused and raped while in prison, to prove that you were sexually abused, and it was thanks to that letter that many people assisted you." She disclosed, confirming that Longue Longue initiated into  homosexuality while in jail.

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