Government To Apologize To The Anglophone Community For The Oct. 1 Killings, Minister Ngole Ngole Reveals

One time Minister  of Forestry and Wildlife Prof. Elvis Ngole Ngole, has revealed that  the Cameroon government will in the days ahead, apologize to the people of the North West and South West Regions for the bloodbath of Oct. 1, 2017. 

Minister Ngole Ngole was speaking live during CRTV Press Hour on Sunday Oct. 29th, 2017 , where he also confirmed that Anglophones are suffering from great marginalization in the hands of their Francophone counterparts, and said the situation need to be looked into as soon as possible.

According to Prof. Ngolle Ngolle, the government  should give priority in solving the Anglophone problem if the union between the two Cameroons has to be sustained. He indicated his earlier stance was misconstrued, that he had always stood on the side of the people.
I have always stood against Anglophone Marginalisation since 1992. I have always told the government to invest its priority on solving the issues a stake that threatens the union between Anglophone and Francophone Cameroon. We can amicably solve the issues now or forever regret and things deteriorate,” Ngolle Ngolle said.

Summarizing on the supposed elite peace mission to Southern Cameroons, Ngolle Ngolle opened up that besides what Peter Mafany Musonge told the Press recently, elites made some startling recommendations that have been sent to the presidency.
We have included all the grievances of the people and sent to the presidency. We made some strong points included in the sealed envelope to the presidency. Unfortunately, people seem to judge the elite mission per what Musonge said to the press. We had much more than he said. We encourage the population to be calm and wait for a smooth action from the presidency,” Ngolle said.
The former Minister said the government will in the days ahead, apologize to Anglophones on the killings of peaceful demonstrators on October 1. Siding with the people, he said the use of live bullets on unarmed citizens was uncalled for, revealing that gossips from Etoudi say government will apologize and beg for forgiveness from the Anglophone people.
I was very shock with the images I saw regarding the brutal killings of unarmed civilians. I know the military is always on course in defending the territorial integrity of a state. However, raining live bullets on peaceful demonstrators was shocking. Nonetheless, it will please you to know that the government is preparing an official apology for the victims of October 1. Information filtering at the presidency say in the days ahead, something in that regard will be made known to Cameroonians,” Ngolle Ngolle disclosed.
Elvis Ngole Ngole disclosed that his mission to Kupe Muaneneguba (as an elite) also included the distribution of financial as well as material gifts to victims of October 1 bloodbath. He promised to continue relaying the people’s message to the hierarchy in the most unadulterated manner.

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