Confidence - ' Men Will Put Their Nose At The Door Of Your Anus Inhaling What God Alone Knows' - Our Dying And Repentant Anal Sex Prostitute Reveals

The pains were horrible. I couldn’t walk straight. I took the courage of a prostitute, hired a taxi straight  home, switched off my phone and slept for for a whole day without food nor water.

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I woke up, braced up to face myself, and called Gisele, who  brought me some tablets to drink and an ointment to rub my bunghole. This medical therapy, gave me an instant and total relief from every pain and resentment I had.

My second experience was with an Arab guy who paid me well, but not as much as the Indian. The third experience was with one former big gun in the government.

With the fast and big money gotten from that area of of the street business, I decided to specialized there Within a couple of years, I was able to put up my duplex at one of the luxurious neighbourhood of Douala, bought my jeep, and built a 6 apartment lodging for lease.

You could spend a week or two, or even a month without any client asking your keyhole, but when international business men or tourists land, or when there are big events in Douala or Yaounde, it was easy for one to make up to 3.000.000 FCFA that week.

Nearly all the red feather cap officials from Yaounde and abroad have a passion for anal sex. Some will deep their tongue into your anus penetrate it with their fingers that always had rings,  frolicking it to their pleasure. Some will  put their nose at the door of  your anus inhaling what God alone knows for as long as thirty minutes before getting into the act.

I made more than enough money for myself, and  opened a fashion boutique, lived comfortably, until two years ago, when it seemed as if there was a loose tap in my anus, and pushed out, got swollen, and started draining water and blood.

Gisele my friend had already had her own reward of rough riding, and was seriously sick. Her parents came and took her to their natal village of Dizangue, where she died a few weeks later, leaving a duplex in her name in Bonamoussadi, and two big jeeps, plus a wholesale electronics shop.

News of her dead shook us and we all panicked and started looking for solutions to repair our already damaged holes. I went to the Douala General hospital, spent money, medical examinations and drugs but the drugs only brought out more water and blood.

I was finally diagnosed with an advanced external hemorrhoid that needed an instant surgery. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t sit. I was on diapers and even till date am still on it.

The first operation seemed to have succeeded, but three months later, my anus was outside completely again, I went in for another surgery, that almost killed me. When recovery was not coming,  I decided to travel to France with the help of one French man, who was ne of my many customers.

The bills abroad were not only exorbitant, but I was also told that since I had gone under the knife twice, there was nothing more they could do, more especially because the second surgery was still very fresh. They however encouraged me to continue with my anti inflammatory drugs.

All my savings went on my treatment. I could no longer continue with the job because of the horrible stench that comes from my leaking anus. Worse of all when clients notice that your hole is draining, they avoid you.

I sold my shop, sold my cars, sold my home, and returned back to my family as a prodigal daughter. Along the line, when things were brighter for me, I was able to make up with my family. 

Late Gisele was my only bestie in the business, as the others were lip companions. They deserted me, but my family took me in, took care of me with love and affection.

Because the meat in the hole is falling off, I was rushed to the Douala Laquintinie hospital, where I am presently helpless, begging God to give me a second chance to amend my life. But as the days go by, the light of my life dims darker, and my breath lessens.

Reason why I am begging my fellow sisters never to get carried away by prostitution especially the type I was specialized on. It will obviously fetch you the cool fast and fat cash you need for a luxurious life, but the after consequences are detrimental. 86% of all my prostitute friends are dead, and before dying, they regretted bitterly of ever daring such a nasty job.

Value the education your parents give you. Do odd jobs like house cleaning, baby sitting, callbox or foot soldiers for the many companies around who at the end of the month will give you something small, but enough to give you a decent healthy life.

If I didn’t follow money, I would have been an engineer somewhere today. Please my sisters and friends, use me as an example, and respect your bodies, especially your assholes.

When I go to the toilet, and try to pass out faeces, it comes out with my anus. Can you imagine! I have to wash it and manage to push it back inside in pains. Moreover, it is already falling apart bit by bit.

The doctors have tried their best. My family has tried, but there seem to be no hope of recovery. Please pray for me and learn from my mistake.”

It was so pathetic to hear her talk, and we wish to use this medium to sensitize young girls, who sell their anus for money, to say: 'You might not be fortunate to live to tell your story like Endale. You might die like Gisele and the rest.'

It is true that everybody will one day die, but the cause of your death is what makes the difference.

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