Barrister Balla Under Media Attack Again By Francophone Press Who Says He Was Caught In Possession Of 6.5 Million F CFA In Kondengui

Barrister Agbor Balla is under another media attack, this time again, by a Francophone blog Cameroonweb, who reports that Balla has betrayed his friends including Dr. Fontem.

According to the blog, Balla is relentlessly working underground to frustrate the anglophone struggle, with the bribe he has collected from the Biya's government, and he is presently enjoying the luxuries and comforts of the Hotel de Depute in Yaounde, at the expense of the government, haven toured thousands of kilometers to corrupt Southern Cameroonians to side with his idea and work with the government.

The blog also report that Dr. Fontem's  National Identity card has been confiscated, and his bank account frozen. According to the report, while Barrister Agbor is busily travelling and making headlines on the local and international front, especially with his recent trips across Africa and a loaded bank account from the government, Dr. Fontem on his part is  glued to one spot with an empty wallet.

The blog questioned why Barrister Balla is making a name for himself at Dr. Fontem's expense, and also questioned why Dr. Fontem's ID card is still being confiscated, while Barrister Balla has his passport and ID card in check on him? It also questioned why Barrister Balla had close to seven million francs in his possession while in Kondengui, while Dr. Fontem's account was frozen. They equally questioned what Balla would have possibly explained to the prison warder, when they found such a huge sum of money on him, and where the money came from?.

Is it credible that a prisoner should have 6.5 million F CFA to buy a car while in detention? Why was rumour spreading that when men from the Presidency went to negotiate with them while in Kondengui, Dr. Fontem was stiff, determined and focused, while Balla proved more flexible, cooperative and understanding?. The blog questioned further.

What happened to government offers made to Balla, Dr. Fontem and the rest. Who were the men from the Presidency, who visited Dr. Fontem in  his Buea residence two days ago? Why didn't they visit Balla as well?(probably because they had already settled him). The blog further questioned.

According to the blog, Barrister Balla is playing a fast one on the anglophone people, by conniving with government and filling his wallet, while Dr. Fontem is dying in poverty and pity.

This is not the first time Barrister Balla has come under media attack. Last month, the news of how secessionists were threatening his life was making headlines on hard and soft press, but Balla debunked the allegations, and told the world his life had never been threatened by whosoever. 

What people should know is that Barrister Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla's recent visit or tour in some African countries, is not sponsored by the government, but motivated by his day to day calendar before the crisis.

Before this crisis ever erupted, Barrister Balla had other independent functions as a Human Rights Lawyer, in some local and international organizations, and his recent travelling, was just in line with his other engagements that has nothing to do with Cameroon or Southern Cameroons affairs.

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