Minister Mama Fouda Rewards MEDIOCRITY. Appoints Sanctioned Dr. Dissongo Jean II, Littoral's Regional Health Delegate

The Minister of Public Health Andre Mama Fouda has appointed Dr. Dissongo Jean II, the sacked Laquintinie hospital Director, whose negligence and management incompetency, caused the death of Monique Koumateke and and her twin.

In March last year, the whole world screamed chaiiiiii and wowowowowo! at Cameroon, when the news of how a dead pregnant woman's stomach was opened with a razor blade by her sister, after the Laquintine hospital staff refused to operate and save her  twin babies.

Monique Koumateke the victim, was pregnant with twin. Sources say she had spent about two days in a local healthcare unit due to child bearing pains, and when the Doctor of that unit saw that her condition was critical, he referred her to the renowned Laquintinie hospital.

She died in the taxi on her way to the hospital according to government reports, but her babies needed to be save. Arriving the Laquinitinie hospital, she was rejected, because of some monetary reason and all attempts by her cousin Rose to get her operated failed, as the nurses on duty were displaying their usual nonchalant receptive attitude.

Rose rushed to a nearby shop, got a blade, and with it, opened her sisters stomach to save the twins, but unfortunately, both kids could not make it. This situation created a chaos and the world stood up for Monique Koumateke and her children.

All these happened, but Minister Mama Fouda did not sanction the Directorhis friend, who was no other person than Dr. Dissongo Jean II

Within that same period of this medical scandal, a similar incident happened in the Mbanga District hospital, and Minister Mama Fouda immediately fired the Director of the Mbanga hospital, without giving him any query or chance to explain himself.

His decision to fire the man of Mbanga and let go his friend of Laquintinie, angered his bosses, and that same day, Prime Minister Philemon Yang also signed a decree, firing Dissongo Jean II from Laquintine.

It is this same Dr. Dissongo Jean II, that the same Minister Andre Mama Fouda just appointed Health Regional Delegate for the Littoral Region.

Such is Cameroon, those who do not do their jobs well are always rewarded with promotions, while the honest workaholics remain in the back bench.

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