Minister Jean Ernest Ngale Finally Speaks Out About The Murder Of The Principal GBHS Fomban

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Following the assassination of the Principal of Government Bilingual High School Fomban, the Minister of Secondary Education Jean Ernest Bibehe Ngale Messina, has screamed to the top of voice, condemning the act that he said will jeopardize the national unity President Paul Biya is sweating to maintain.

Some sources in Foumban say the Principal of GBHS Foumban  Charles Etoundi's assassination was a settlement of scores, while others say the crime is related to tribalism, as the people say Charles Etoundi,  who is not from them their area, and who is very strict in the management of the school, is not supposed to hold such a prestigious position, while qualified Bamoum people are ordinary classroom teachers.

The story goes that on the night of Friday breaking Saturday 23rd September, a group of well known thugs in the hospitable town of Foumban, who carry out their operations in broad daylight without masking their faces, went to the Nkouga-Dallas neighborhood, to carry out their usual operation. They trailed a local trader, popularly called 'Tommy', who had finished his sale for the day and was going back home. When Tommy got in front of his gate, he rang the bell as usual, and by the time his wife came to open up for him, the thugs pounced on him, stabbed him to death, and made away all the money he had on him.

They left Tommy in his own pool of blood, and headed to the Foumban Regional hospital. While in the hospital, they tried to steal Dr. Nkuete's car, but due to the high security gadgets in the car, they could not drive it away, but stole the extinguisher, and left for resident of their next target, who was no other but the Principal of Government Bilingual High School.  

Arriving Principal Charles Etoundi's resident, the gang tied up his night watchman, and break opened the door of his living room. Once inside, they ordered everyone to bring out whatever they had in their possession(money, jewelries, etc..). Charles Etoundi hesitated in respecting the orders from the criminals, who stabbed one of his kids, and stabbed him many times to death as well. Seeing the danger, his wife rushed in and brought all the money they had at home, gave it to them, and they left, after accomplishing their mission.

Charles Etoundi died on the spot, but his son survived the attack.

It is on account of this that Minister Jean Ernest Bibehe Ngale Messina yesterday September 25th, sent out a press release, condemning this action with all his strength, saying it will jeopardize national integration.
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