Who Wants Justice Ayah Paul Dead? President Paul Biya, Minister Laurent Esso, Hon. Igelle Elias Or The Opposition? Video

Cameroon Legendary Politician, former Supreme Court Judge and Chairman of PAP Justice Ayah Paul Abinewas on Equinox Television yesterday, in Fon Hanson's 'The Inside' televised program, in a  'TELL IT ALL' interview,  on his misery from when he was appointed, to how he was arrested, the conditions of his detention, the treatment he received from his jailer etc...

The former Supreme Court Judge who was abducted on Saturday January 21st 2017 said his captors wanted him dead, and according to him, his party the Popular Action Party - PAP, was probably the reason his life waand is at stake.

Justice Ayah Paul said when he was arrested, he was  put in an airtight room with two small holes to let in hot stinking air in SED, where he spent the night on a 5 cm thick mattress on the floor, that almost suffocated him to dead. He became hypertensive till date, and his sight  deteriorated.

Meanwhile his party  was under attack by his detractors, as the military men arrested the wife of his Manyu Coordinatorand his two weeks old baby after they  came for him and did no meet. The wife and baby spent a night at the stinking police cell, but were release early the next day, after the population rose up as one and demanded her release.

The 67 years old Judicial expert said he had earlier applied for an early retirement(probably to continue his political ambition), and Minister Amadou Ali was following it up, before Minister Esso came in to the scene, and disappeared the file.

Justice Ayah said his detention conditions were so inhuman that he had to hold on to his intestines and bowels from 10 p.m to 6 a.m the next day, before using the rest room. He slept on that small mattress for 62 days, because his jailers knew such conditions would kill him slowly but surely. Thank God who works in favour of his own, he did not die as per their wish.

His party officials fell into the bush because a man hunt had been lunched for them, conferences of his party were banned, and that is how his party got destabilized, with accusing fingers pointing towards the CPDM Member of Parliament for Akwaya Igelle Elias Terhemen, who has been wanting to see Ayah Paul fall for God knows how long. He is said to have worked with the secret forces that arrested the Legendary Justice Ayah Paul Abine.

Asked whether he and Minister Laurent Esso had ever been at loggerheads, Pa Ayah said he doesn't have any problem with the Justice Boss, but that the guy might be the one having hairs on his teeth.  (We feel there is a feud, with the Keeper of the Seal, most probably because of Justice Ayah's anglophone origin and his decision to withdraw from CPDM, which might have registered his name inside Laurent Esso's black book of HATE).

For 233 days, Justice Ayah Paul Abine was held captive by his enemies, without charges, and so even if Paul Biya ordered for his release, Biya deserves no appreciation from him(Ayah Paul) for releasing him. Instead Biya owes him and his party a financial apology, reason why PAP want the government to pay them the sum of 100 Billion F CFA, for damages caused on the party and its Chairman.

"You are free to go to anywhere in the world, because we have no charges against you". The jailer's rep told Justice Ayah upon his release. If they found no charges against him, why then was he arrested and incarcerated for almost 8 months?. With his advanced age, why was he kept in an airtight room, if they didn't want him dead? They made him sleep on a 5 cm thick mattress, because they wanted him to die of body ache, and they actually succeeded in making him partially blind, and gifted him with a cardiovascular disease.

Who then wants Justice Ayah Paul in a premature grave? President Biya, Minister Esso, Hon. Igelle Elias of the CPDM Akwaya or the Opposition?. Stay tuned, more in the coming hours.

Watch the interview below.

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