Ayah Ayah Abine Humiliates CPDM's Jean Baptiste ATEMENGUE On Canal2 And Explains Why Government Must Pay His Family 100 Billion F CFA

Ayah Ayah Abine was guest on  Canal2's Sunday evening televised Political Debate program L'Arene, to tell the world about the injustice meted on his father Justice Ayah Paul Abine, whom government abducted on January 21st 2017, and kept in custody for close to  8 months, until his release of August 31st 2017. While in custody, Justice Ayah Paul Abine was unjust sent on retirement, he became a cardiac patient,  his left eye got completely destroyed from the darkness of his cell room. It is on account of all this, that after his release, Justice Ayah Paul Abine is claiming 100 Billion F CFA from the Cameroon government.

On the other side of the debate to face Ayah Ayah Abine on the program, was CPDM's sharp-mouth militant Jean Baptiste Atemengue, who got humiliated through out the debate by his eloquent opponent.

Justifying the 100 Billion F CFA claim from government, Ayah Ayah said: 'for the pass eight months, we have been living in what I call pure witchcraft. The President of the Popular Action Party was abducted from his resident, and detained for 223 days in a State of law. He automatically became a cardiac patient from the strong man he was, with reccurent attacks at SED. He lost his sight. His left eye is completely damaged. It needs to be operated as soon as possible to save it from failing completely. All of these are consequences of this aggression. Till now, the State has not said anything. We do not understand why a responsible State should behave as such'.

Talking on what led to the arrest of Justice Ayah Paul Abine on Jan. 21st. 2017, Ayah Ayah said after his father was arrested, he went from office to office ask who ordered his arrest and why. He got the same answer; 'Orders came from above'. He also said Justice Ayah Paul has been one of those standing against the peoples' decision of not sending children to school, since the riots started in November  2016.

When asked by the participating journalists to call on the resumption of schools in the English speaking regions, Ayah Ayah said it was not in his capacity to do so, and that those who have the powers to do so know themselves.

Meanwhile his opponent on the program CPDM's Jean Baptiste Atemengue, who was trying to backup and justify governments decisions especially to send Justice Ayah Paul on retirement and other blablablas, met with ready-made answers and further questions from Ayah Ayah like; 'Mr. Atemengue, you say my father is old, but note that administration is written not verbal'. 'My father was abducted and not arrested, because the policemen who arrested him did not have a warrant of arrest'. 'You are a member of the CPDM party, but you belong to the opposition, and I assure you that we both understand what I am talking about'. All this left Mr. Atemengue stupefied.

To conclude, Ayah Ayah Abine was able to prove to the world beyond reasonable doubts, that his father was illegally arrested and detained inhuman situations, that led to his deteriorating health state, which is the reason why government must and should pay 100 Billion Francs as damages to the Ayah's family.

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