#237Dialogue, The Latest Hashtag Trend In Cameroon On Twitter. What's the Point?(a quoi ça sert)?

French speaking Cameroonians are making last minute efforts, to save the broken UNITY of Cameroon, and hold back their anglophone brothers and sisters,who have packed their bags, and are getting ready to cross the River Moungo to Buea, come October 1, 2017.

The President of the National Assembly Cavaye Yeguie Djibril convened an emergency meeting  at the National Assembly on Tuesday 26 Sept, where he called on National Dialogue; 'which we believe it's a little bit too late', because if he had listened to Hon Wirba during the Nov. 2016 session of the House, the situation wouldn't have developed the wings it has today.

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Cavaye's efforts have flopped, because it is one year since the crisis started, and not once has Parliament sat to debate on it. And even when Hon, Wirba returned in June after his self exile in one of the thick bushes, where he probably fed on wild honey and harsh fruits, following a warrant of arrest issued on his person as a Member of Parliament, he tried to raise his voice high again on the Assembly's rostrum, but was shun down by the barfly Cavaye, who has eternally been President of the National Assembly and member of the ruling authoritative, dictatorial, corrupt and selfish CPDM party.

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Yesterday, French speaking Cameroonian Olivia Mukam Wandji a worker at the US Embassy, and who was once accused of discriminating people going for the YALI(Young African Leaders Initiative) Program, started her own campaign on twitter.

Olivia Mukam Wandji, Cultural Affairs Assistant Section at the US embassy in Yaounde  whose twitter handle is   initiated a tweet trend #237Dialogue, which according to her Cameroonians of both the French and English speaking Regions should trend, to preserve the already broken UNITY. 

Olivia added fun to this initiative by asking her followers to associate a video of their opinion, and trend it along side the #237Dialogue tag. Our findings reveal that more than fifty videos are trending with most of them calling for dialogue, and another chance to fix the broken walls of Cameroon.

Good initiative for a patriotic citizen, but why now?

As the heavily pregnant October 1, 2017 approaches, fear grips especially French speaking Cameroonians, who until recently have been against their English speaking counterparts, either because they(Francophones) are seated among the privileged servants of King Lion, licking the drops of mayonnaise and butter from his breakfast table, or they are eating fat, through their relatives among the King's privileged courtiers, who have also put them in finger licking positions, which they want to preserve at all cause. They never knew the situation will develop iron wings to fly across the African continent to the Americas and the rest.

They were comfortable in their pride as they mocked at us day and night, despising our tears, using provocative slangs, repetitively like some of their godfathers who recently called us 'dogs', and who once said;  "two cubes of sugar cannot do anything inside a bucket of water."

Looks like the reverse is the case, as the two cubes of sugar, have changed even the taste of the  Limbe Ocean, and also contaminating the great Wouri and Sanaga
'Strange how God works right?.'

Violence on citizens, mass arrest, plots to paint the people of the English speaking regions black, by implanting and provoking bomb blast have been aborted, and even the Soldier ants that line up every street and corner of Southern Cameroons have become powerless. Reality is infront of everyone, and at the dawn of Oct. 1, they start trending #237Dialogue

What dialogue and with who?.

It is getting to one year. One full year. One year of blood shed in Southern Cameroons. One year of daily arrests of youths and old people. One year of no school for our kids. One year since students of the University of Buea were molested, tortured and abused. One year since our lawyers were brutalised and locked up. One year since some of our husbands and brothers ran to foreign lands for their safety. On year when Pharaoh refused to listen even to Religious officials, and eve later incriminated and dragged them to the human courts of humiliation. One year of economic instability in the North West and South West Regions. One year inside the terrible traumatizing noise of gunshots, tear gas scent etc..., that has affected the hearing and viewing ability of our fragile children and our aged grand parents. One year that every thing has gone wrong. Where were they through out these one year period of turbulences and unrest in Southern Cameroons?.

Why wait after one year to trend #237Dialogue, #we are one Cameroonian family, #wecanfixit? What do you want to fix? What can you fix?. Can you bring back our dead sons and husbands to life? Can You restore the dignity and honour of our raped daughters? Can you open up the secret mass grave at Soa, where the bodies of our sons were dumped? Can you repay those who were and are still imprisoned in poor detention conditions?. Can you take away that fear in the eyes of our children since you transformed our Regions into Afghanistan? Can you fix all the companies that you have killed and rendered bankrupt in our Regions? Honestly speaking where will you start the fixing?.

Sorry, but our wounds are deep, very fresh and they hurt deep into our betrayed souls, and we have just one thing in mind; BUEA, come October 1, 2017.

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