SCACUF Must Prove Convincingly That The Sun Will Be More Brighter On The Other Side To Garner Massive Support

What I have in mind is an attempt on our part to confront the struggle no longer as an itemized political struggle for equality within the foreign entity called the Republic of Cameroon, but rather as a total all out nationalist struggle for autonomy and sovereignty.

Some political struggles seem to satisfy certain academic interests and so would not matter if any massive support is behind it or not. But Nationalism needs massive support. To get this, the interest of the masses must be well and openly articulated.

In struggles for Nationalism, survival of the masses must be assured in any future nation the struggle is aiming to build. Even in the Bible when Moses was leading the Israelite's out of Egypt, at certain points the people complained to Moses that though under slavery in Egypt they could at least eat and drink water - rather than being taken to the desert where there was none. Of course the devil one knows is better than the Angel one doesn't.

Our problems in the Republic of Cameroon is not only a result of discrimination and inequality but a general incompetence in governance by the leadership - and that made a bad situation even worse.

Southern Cameroons has had experience in self government with greater success far longer than the Republic of Cameroon. This is not idle talk. Concrete evidence abound to prove that.

The Credit Union is the only existing success story from the Southern Cameroons but the little autonomy we still have to manage some insignificant matters generates far more positive results than whatever the Republic of Cameroon ever attempts to do.

We can do so much but the total failure of the Government of the Republic of Cameroon has implanted a negative ideology in the minds of many Southern Cameroonians that government can never be competent in managing the affairs of State. We must therefore without fear and with confidence tell the Southern Cameroonians that it is not true.

The Southern Cameroons government had been very successful in Financial Management, Health Care Provision, Education, Infrastructure development, Public Security, Law and Order, and almost all types of Social Service Provision. So therefore a Southern Cameroon Government will be able to provide compulsory Free and Quality Education with emphasis on Technology in all its varieties for most of its citizens, Affordable Healthcare for all, Farm to Market Roads, Improved Agricultural Production, A Broad Based Manufacturing Industry, and a Special and More Intensive Approach to Environmental Protection.

All these things must be elaborated upon and packaged for the consumption of the common Southern Cameroonian citizen to elicit a mass support for the cause. We must not assume citizens just have to support the cause. They must be able to see clearly in black and white what the future has in store for them.

The SDF succeeded to garner massive support with one simple slogan - SUFFER DON FINNISH. It worked. The SCNC has all along not been able to generate this kind of massive support not because people don't believe in the struggle but simply because the SCNC has never shown to them anything better than what the Republic of Cameroon is offering at the moment.

Do people on their own just have to imagine that things will be better on the other side? They must be told in a convincing manner how good the other side will be. And there is enough material to help do that. It should be done. An expert organ must be set up to do that job. It is a necessity.

Jonathan Ngwa

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