New Controversies Around Goverment's Staged Explosive Discovery In Mbengwi

A new twist in the story of the much talked about explosives discovered in Mbengwi, that would have been allegedly used to attack administrative and military officials in Cameroon, is making rounds on Social media.

Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary in a Press outing of Wednesday August 9, said a gang of five led by a certain DASI Alfred NGYAM, who headed a network that wanted to bomb the Bamenda Grandstand during the 2015 20th May celebration was apprehended by the Police. 

According to the Minister who saluted the efforts of the Forces of Law and Order, the gang wanted to attack a police checkpoint before they were arrested on the early hours of August 3, 2017.

After their arrest, the Police went further to investigate and discovered weapons and other ammunition at Dasi Alfred's house.  Dasi who had a Belgian passport on him at the time of the arrest acknowledged haven acquired the ammunition, and transported them through a neighbouring country into Cameroon.

What Mr. Tchiroma failed to tell the world, was the exact location of Dasi Alfred's house in Mbengwi, because from every indication, no Police raid that led to such discovery ever happened in Mbengwi recently, and the photos shown on TV, had no liaison to Dasi's home.

However, the new twist says Dasi's father is a retired gendarme, and it is likely possible that contrary to the declarations he allegedly made on the ownership of the material(that is if he even ever made the declarations), then the materials belongs to his father, who probably acquired them during his days in the military. 

According to  Canal 2's English correspondent in Mbengwi the  home government claimed police raided after the arrest of DASI Alfred and his gang, was the home of a retired gendarme, who is now aged and blind, and who is alleged to be the father of Dasi Alfred.
The retired Gendarme's house raided in Mbengwi

Also, the report holds that  “Inhabitants in Mbengwi are categoric that: The weapons exposed on TV was not from their locality, plus they are questioning why the officers of law and order did not invite the press or a neutral body to witness the raid and seizure of the explosives. 

However the Governor of the North West Region, Adolphe Lele L'Afrique says the arms cach√© were found in Mbengwi and is calling for vigilance. Affaire a suivre” Canal 2 English.

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