Letter Celebrating Dr. Barrister Agbor Balla Nkongho Brown The Great In Kondengui. Happy Birthday My President

Dear Dr. Barrister Agbor Balla  Nkongho Brown,

Today, 8 million Southern Cameroonians both at home and abroad, join to celebrate your SPECIAL BIRTHDAY together with your families and friends both at home and abroad as well.

So many people would have loved to be with you on this special day, to share with you, to play with you, and more especially to appreciate you, for your outstretch  hand in their success, because that is who you are: 'The bridge to success' that everyone crosses, to register his/her name in the golden book of life's successful and famous  achievers.

Everyone including Thatcher, had seen that Joseph in you, reason why no one hesitated to pledge their support, and applauded when CONSORTIUM made you their President, because you are that selfless voice, who has always spoken for the weak majority, to get them their rights.

You fearlessly stood up for Southern Cameroonians, stepping on vipers, cobras, scorpions, lions and elephants in the Cameroun jungle, to tell the world that our people, your own people are treated as second class citizens in their own fathers land.

You rejected millions of  FCFA that would have made you EXTRA WEALTHIER, than Fotso Victor and Baba Alhadji Danpullo, because according to you, wealth cannot be measured to HAPPINESS and PEACE. You have made money through your wisdom and hardwork. You dropped your Thousands of Dollar job with the UN, because according to you, everyone has the right to that WEALTH, and not only a particular group.

The Balla I know has always been interested on EQUITY in everything. You kept your integrity in tact, even though you knew that refusing them to grease your palms, meant daring crocodiles that would stink you, yet you stepped on their tails for us the weak and voiceless.

How can we thank and pay our gratitude to you Balla?.

Even on the day of your arrest, you were hinted that you will be arrested, but you never ran away, because you are not a COWARD. You got yourself ready, and waited for Pharaoh Biya's soldiers to come and cuff you like a common criminal. Yes, they were happy and congratulated themselves for touching a GREAT ICON like you. They even toasted their wine glasses at your capture, for they thought they were going to wipe out all your sacrifices. 

They gladly drove with you all night, savouring that inner pride of pleasure and palmares of riding with you our President in the same van. They presented you to their masters, who probably bowed before you in their hearts, for they know who you are and what you will become, reason why your freedom was a threat to them. 

They took you to SED, and when we all cried FOUL on social Media, they transferred you to where you are today; the Yaounde Kondengui Central Prison.

We were all afraid that the fact of not being able to bury your father, whom you have always made proud, and who had never stopped thanking the heavens for a son like you, will crush you, but we were all comforted by the wonderful and brilliant tribute you sent, and indeed, Dear Balla; 'Pa Brown is MORE THAN PROUD' of you, even up there in heaven.

Yes, we are all so PROUD of you. We are conscious that jail is not a place to be, nor is it a place where you can laugh and make merry from your heart. But the fact that Joseph left jail to the King's Palace, and then to Govern Egypt, should make you smile expectantly, because the remix of the Joseph in the old Testament of the bible, is already in the making in the life of Dr. Barrister Agbor Balla  Nkongho Brown.

Make merry bro. Stay strong, and more especially, be more prayerful like Paul and Silas. Gather all those who are with you there in Kondengui, and CELEBRATE yourself. It is not forbidden to CELEBRATE yourself in prison.

Make some joyful noise, until your jailers become confused and frustrated, and as you celebrate yourself, start celebrating the success of what you fought for, for we are closer to it.

Yes Balla, Southern Cameroonians will be free from their oppressors very soon, and get your self ready, because when that time comes, we will be waiting for you to come and continue from where you stopped.

The Southern Cameroons people are grateful to you. they appreciate everything you have done for them. They will not fail nor let you down. They are praying for you day in day out, and if you continue giving us that COURAGEOUS SMILE, we will continuously BELIEVE IN YOU.

Happy birthday MY PRESIDENT, and may COURAGE always abide with.

Henriette Thatcher.

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