Kemi Seba, The Pan-Africanist Activist Against The F CFA , Arrested For Burning A 5 000 Frs Note

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Kemi Seba, The Pan-Africanist Activist Against The F CFA , Arrested For Burning A 5 000 Frs  Note
Pan-African activistist against the F CFA and President of the Pa Africanist Emergency NGO Kemi Seba, who burnt a 5000 Frs note has been arrested and put under detention at the Rebeuss Central Prison in the Senegalese capital Dakar.

Before his arrest of Friday August 25th, 2017, Kemi wrote on his Facebook page that that he 'knew that by carrying out the act which is purely symbolic, BCEAO(Central Bank of West African States) on the instructions of Banque de France will come after him and put him in prison'.

On Sat, August 19 2017, Kemi used a lighter and burnt a 5000 Frs note, during a gathering in Senegal.

The French born Beninese said he  knew the consequences of his actions, as well as the fact that what he was destroying would have been used to satisfied one of his needs needs or that of his relations.

 'I am far from being rich, and by burning that money, I knew I was depriving my relations and myself of what would have been bought with the money. I want to note here that I acted ALONE, and that the brother who gave me the lighter did not know that I had made up my mind to to burn the money, so he cannot be accused as my accomplice, No one except I, knew what I was planning to do'. He wrote.

The F CFA is an economic and politial scandal from the COLONIAL master, that is killing our people. In the name of our ancestors, I cannot keep quiet when I see our people being deprived (both by the French oligarchy and our African elites who betray their mission). If putting this fight against the F CFA at the center debates (as we have done it historically this year), I have to be deprived of my family that I love very much, my brothers and sisters of the the Panafricanist Emergency, or the many brothers and sisters who love us, I will do that without hesitation, for sovereignty is the struggle of our generation, and it needs sacrifice.

I want to point out that instead of wanting to crucify me, the BCEAO should have been the first to listen to the aspirations of the people, and seek for ways to get rid of the F CFA. Instead of doing that, they are looking for means to incarcerate someone who is fighting this gorilla currency.'

Kemi Seba will be appearing in court on Tuesday August 29,
together with another Senegalese, to answer for allegations levied against them."we are building a pool of lawyers. We will organize a press mobilization press conference on the eve of the trial" says Jeune Afrique, strategic coordinator of Hery Djehuty, legal adviser for the Panafricanist Emergency, founded by Kemi Seba.

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