How Tapang Ivo Tanku Betrayed And Exposed Tassang Wilfred To The Government And Sent Him On A Forceful Self Exile

Saw this posted by a Facebook user Bongom Donga, and felt its worth reading.

Read the unedited write-up and judge by yourselves, whether the writer his right or wrong.


In 2015 and 2016, Mark Bareta published several articles where Justice Ayah Paul and PAP were at the center. Many people commented. In some of the comments, " haters" of the justice unveiled his secret dealings with the SCNC pressure group. How, he used his drinking spot in Bomaka, Buea, ( Bakassi na Cameroon) to hold meetings. Everything about the private life of Ayah were exposed. He was viscously attacked for betraying the scnc by accepting an appointment from the head of state, Paul Biya as deputy Supreme Court Chief Justice. Ayah would sometimes come in to defend his actions and he would be further rubbished in the process. The government read all those posts and took Ayah for an enemy and was waiting for the least opportunity to fall on him heavily. That opportunity came during the early stage of the upheavals in the NW& SW, especially as he was there proposing and building a certain consortium list with himself as the scribe.
Dr. Susungi, in the same  SCNC underground games had a serious problem with Dr. Francis Wache of the Post News Paper through such posts of Mark Bareta. When you drag people and put on the spotlight, you don't know the type of information you will get about them that maybe dangerous to their lives and careers. Nobody can determine the pressure he or she can withstand.

Furthermore, when dialogue was ongoing between the government and the trade unionists, things were moving in the right direction. Teacher Tassang Wilfred, came out and said that the government has met 90% of their demands and that schools can now resume. Tassang Wilfred made a call to Tapang Ivo Tanku, where, he explained the state of the dialogue. Tapang wiretapped that conversation and made it public for the world to know. Every single word was got. Many people criticized Tassang Wilfred and said he has been compromised or bribed. That is where his hands got tied and he changed his original stance to something else. Now, how can the government be in dialogue with professionals, and the resolutions are communicated immediately to someone in America, who is not a teacher? The government now realized that they were rather in dialogue with street boys and people abroad than the teachers' representatives. They would agree on A today and B would come up tomorrow. The demands kept increasing and changing. That is how the consortium met its coffins.
In the same vein, when the car of Dr. Fontem Neba was set on fire by unknown arsonists, the same Tapang immediately mobilized and created a ' gofundme' account to raise money to get him a new car. Thousands of people donated. The government was following the moves. Some had begun planning to get arms and fight the regime. They too created such accounts and many donated. The government took all these moves with keen interest. Who knows if that money of Dr. Fontem was to buy arms? That's how they were immediately arrested. They were not comporting themselves as professionals but as people manipulated from the diaspora to destabilize the country. All these things should be noted.
These people promoting the attacking of children going to school and burning school buildings are same people who disrupted the dialogue I mentioned earlier. Those who were caught in such acts of violence are now suffering in prison just because they followed wrong advice from some keyboard Lords. Now you say they should all be set free when you are the ones who deceived and lured them into such danger.
Suh Remmy.

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