Government To Launch ' Operation Show Your Patriotism Towards Cameroon', To Raise More Funds To Keep The 2019 AFCON Standard Requirements

Football is the only language, Cameroonians set aside their differences to celebrate and speak about. That passion, those passes, those inexplicable seconds of suspense, and that magic moment, when Samuel Eto'o hits the ball, throwing the opposing goalkeeper to the left, while the ball goes inside the right angle of the net, sends Tassang Wilfred to ecstasy as he embraces Paul Atanga Nji, Martin Belinga, even Laurent Esso, before regretting days later.

That is the true passion of the football game, and no one has or will ever resist that jubilant goal.

In light of the ongoing squabble between the African Footbal Umbrella CAF, and the 2019 African Cup of Nations Host Cameroon, the Cameroon government is bent on using desperate measures, to keep their rights to host this Prestigious African Rendez vous.

Sources from the high places say a strong 'Fund Raising' strategy will be highlighting the country very soon, from Charity galas, to office to office collection, to school to school contributions, even church to church collections and finally door to door.

The think-tankers, of this project to be termed 'Operation Show Your Patriotism Towards Cameroon' will be exploring every option, to raise in-house funds to support the country in matching the standard requirements of CAF, for the country to keep the organisation of the competition.

Sources say they are planning to replay the 'Operation coup de coeur' strategy used in the 90's, if my memory is good it was in 1994 exactly  to collect funds from individuals and institutions.

That year I was a student of the  Government Technical HighSchool (GTHS) Ombe, and I  vividly remember the then South West Governor, the late Oben Peter Ashu, with a caravan of some senior corrupt minded citizens from Yaounde, drove into the campus, as students were made to line up from Mutengene to the school gate, to welcome them.

I was equally a member of the school choir, so we were with the VIP caravan, caressing their ears and ego with sweet tunes of patriotism.

After the school ban played the National Anthem as a sign of UNITY, bringing out that nostalgic feelings of belonging, our angelic voices took over with a welcome song, and other entertaining choral numbers, composed by ourselves, to suit the occasion.

The Principal of the School gave an applauded speech, of how our involvement and contribution to the 'operation coup de coeur' will go far to raising our national flag in the US.

The caravan leader in the person of Oben Peter Ashu begged us almost on bended knees in his speech that our football idols,  Roger Milla, Tataw Stephen, Omam Biyick, etc.. needed our financial support, and that even the widow's mite will make them bring the 1994 World Cup home.

Like during offertory in church, a bucket was put in front,  of the hall, on a well dressed planked slab, adorned in green, red, yellow colour. While the choir sang to the end of its cords, the ban took over, as we walked in a file one behind the other dancing to drop our feeding money for that day to support our football heroes, and went hungry all day, till we got home.

The enthusiasm of the offertory-like contribution heightened, when members of the caravan opened the floor, dropping envelops (which we later learned were empty) inside the bucket, just to push  us to imitate them with whatever 1000, 500, 100, 50, 2 10 and francs that we had. Crazy football fans gave everything including their transportation to go back home, and had to trek back home tens of kilometers on hungry without complaining.

Contributing to what we saw and thought was a ' just and genuine cause' at that time, gave us this accomplished excitement of being part of those whose names were to be inscribed in a glorious golden register of supporters, who sponsored the Lions to the do or die 1994 USA world cup

Then our excitement turned to mourning and regrets, when Cameroon's then international political trickster Minister Augustine Kontchou Kameni declared that our poor offerings, never got to its destination, as the wings of the plane transporting he and the money, blew the briefcase  of the money through an  open window, into the Atlantic seas.

That was when I and I believe a number of young Cameroonians lost complete trust in the government till date.

Today, sources say a similar operation is in the pipeline to raise funds, and challenge Africa, underestimating the strength of Cameroon to handle this giant continental event.

Appeal letters are already being prepared, while door to door collection will follow.

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