Cardinal Tumi Validates Federalism, Condemns Violence In The Struggle, Condemns The Burning Of The Flag, But Says Nothing Came Out Of Foumban in July 1961

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Cardinal Tumi Validates Federalism, Condemns Violence In The Struggle, Condemns The Burning Of The Flag, But Says  Say Nothing Came Out Of Foumban in July 1961 

The Emeritus Archbishop of the Douala Metropolitan His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi, who has been very vocal against the Biya's regime, has condemned acts of violence perpetrated in the Anglophone regions. The Prelate also revealed that nothing good came out of the July 1961 Foumban conference, and to crown it all, the Man of God says there is no future for Cameroon, with the current regime in place.

Cardinal Tumi  was speaking to La voix du koat on the ongoing socio-political situation in Cameroon, during an interview at his residence yesterday Monday August 21, 2017. 

Talking about the July 1961 Conference in Foumban, His Eminence Tumi said:  “They signed nothing at Foumban. Prime Minister John Ngu Foncha (who was a former Catholic teacher) did not have the power to negotiate, because Cameroon was under the tutelage of France and England. The French who supported Ahidjo, were at the conference. But England and the United Nations who was to validate the act, were not present. There has never been a document about what happened in Foumban. People went there to drink wine. ”

Do not think that the Cardinal is against reunification. He simply notes that with federalism, “Cameroon was well managed, development was on . There was a prime minister in each part of the country. Paul Biya had signed a text on federalism which specified that governors should be elected and it should have ten federated states. Paul Biya then promised decentralization. That would have been good. But I have the impression that he was asleep when he signed the document and that he woke up only to discover what he had done, because he had never implemented anything. The problem is that he does not want to share power. This central concentration of power is the root cause of the crisis in the anglophone regions."

Asked why opinions are divided on the existence of the
Anglophone problem, His Eminence says : “There is an anglophone problem. The problems are physical and same across the country, but there is nuance. British Cameroons was already  a country. It was managing itself and had a well organized administration, a prime minister. If decentralization had been established, there would be no problem, it would have avoided future problems in other parts of the country. ”

To resolve the Anglophone crisis, the Head of State Paul Biya created the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, chaired by Peter Mafany Musonge. But for the fact that according to the Archbishop, "Cameroonians did not hear 

the slogans on integration, bilingualism, to integrate. How many Cameroonians are bilingual? How many people from different tribes get married? So we do not need that. We were not expecting this commission. I do not even know what it is for. Paul Biya knows what to do to solve this problem. Previously, when he went to Bamenda, he gave all his speeches in English. Today he pretends not to know how to speak English. He should not be sending officials to the English-speaking people because all the people in this government are sell outs. And when some arrive, they-dare-express themselves in French, which provokes the population. The people are calling for federalism, but to deceive people, the government and Laurent Esso speaks of secessionism". 

That said, there is a difference between demands and vandalism. Reason why Christian Tumi deplores the acts of some who burned the flag of Cameroon. "We can forgive the person, it's passion, but it's unacceptable. All violence is unacceptable. They cut off the hand  of  a girl who was going to write the exams. That is unacceptable. We can forgive them, but it is punishable by the law". 

Asked about the way forward in the multiple crises plaguing the country, the 87 years old retired Prelate said:  "My faith". The Cardinal does not see a rosy future for Cameroon. "As long as the current party is there, I hope for nothing. We must love Cameroon. If  elections were transparent, we could hope for a change. I do not see how we can alternate in Cameroon. Even if  political parties of the opposition get together, they need the financial means. The DOs, SDO, Governors,  are all from the ruling party, even if they are not all militants from the heart." 

The  Prelate recalled how during

 the days  of federalism, all civil servants were banned from militating for a political party, which is the contrary today.  "Civil servants use tools, state owned cars to militate for the ruling party." Young people who should drive change "are discouraged. All of them want to leave. I have come to the conclusion that instead of a civil war I prefer the current situation. In times of war, it is the innocent who suffer, " regrets the Cardinal. 

He however encourages  those working for the construction of Cameroon, and  affirms all his availability to the  Un Monde Avenir NGO.

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