Ahmad Ahmad Discreetly Sends Vice To Help Free Him From The Irate Clutches Of Cameroonians, Blaming The Cameroonian Media For Giving Him Misleading Information

The President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF)Ahmad Ahmad has been under fire, for minimising Cameroon's ability to host the 2019 African Cup of Nations.

During a press conference over the weekend in Burkina Fasso, Ahmad Ahmad said 'Cameroon was not ready to host even four teams for the competition', and further went ahead to declare that he had already put machineries at work for the implementation of what he called 'Plan B'. His Plan B is opening a tender for countries ready to host the competition to bid, conspire and take away Cameroon's hosting right.

Ahmad Ahmad's declarations angered the Cameroonian people, and for this, he has lost taste for food and water, due to the insults rained on him by Cameroonians, who have rallied as one behind their government, to wrestle with whoever wants to snatch their hosting rights from them .

Justifying Ahmad Ahmad's inadequate declarations, Constant Omari, 2nd Vice President of CAF told Africa and Cameroon in particular that his boss acted on information he read from some Cameroonian media.

"The declarations of the President were based on information we got from a certain Cameroonian media' Omari told CRTV, during a phone interview.

"The Cameroonian press is spreading some elements, and those were the elements given to Ahmad Ahmad. He answered to questions that he was asked. He answered based on  these information from your press". Omari said, shifting blames on the Cameroonian press, whom he said gave him misleading information to his boss.

Concerning the much talked about new technical requirements  for the competition, which is available at CAF's general secretariat in Egypt, Congolese Constantin Omari says Cameroon should go and pick it up. "the standard of hospitality should be noted, we have also requested that the grass matting should be brought up to the level of natural grass. We have requested that cameras increase from 16 to a minimum of 20, to ameliorate the production quality, so that we will sell the competition better with the quality production". "We should all work calmly and rationally, and avoid getting emotional". He concluded.

While defending his boss Ahmad Ahmad, Constatin Oumari  did not however apologize on behalf of CAF, but to ease the present emotional tension, he assured that  'no decision has taken by the Executive Committee, or the Emergency Committee that took place in Tanger, to withdraw the organisation of the 2019 AFCON from Cameroon'.
Ahmad Ahmad praying with King Mohamed VI

Before Ahmad Ahmad's declarations, he and his best friend of Morrocco King Mohamed the VI, was already conspiring and negotiating to take over the organisation of the competition from Cameroon. This same King Mohamed VI and his country refused to host the 2015 edition of the competition, citing the Ebola outbreak in three west African countries, and was banned by CAF not to participate in the competition for two editions, that is 2015 and 2017. An appeal was lodged by the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), and that appeal was upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS), calling Morocco back into the game.

"The CAS Panel has upheld the appeal in a large proportion," a statement read.

"The sanctions imposed by the CAF on the FRMF have been set aside, with the exception of the fine [originally $1million], which is however reduced to $50,000. The disqualification of the Moroccan team from the CAN 2015 is final."

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