US Based Cameroonian Widow Curses Another Cameroonian For LYING Against Her

A US based Cameroonian lady whose profile name we got on Facebook as Emilia Ngwi Ayuk is cursing a certain Christian  MANYACKA Ngale, for taking advantage of her kindnes and lying against her.

Narrating her ordeal to her close to 2000 followers on Facebook, Emilia said she had an accident in June, and later discovered it was a Cameroonian guy who knocked her car on the driver's side. According to her, the person who knocked her came and apologised to her, pleading that she shouldn't call the police, and that he would pay the damages from his pockets.

Emilia took photos of the guy's Insurance and ID, but still called the police because Christian's Driver's Licence had expired. She said he begged and LIED he was late for work, and she allowed him to go, while she remained at the accident spot waiting for the police, who did not show up after she had waited for long, and it was only when she had left the scene that the police called to say they were on the scene.

Chistian Manyacka Ngale, who begged that he was to repair her car from his pockets began ignoring and dropping her calls for a month, and when she called the Insurance to make her claims, the said Christian denied responsibility, and reversed the story that she Emilia Ngwi Ayuk was instead the one who knocked his car down, and got him pissed off.

For such a BIG LIE, Emilia says people who know CHRISTIAN MANYACKA NGALE should tell him that 'na BADLUCK go follow eh as long as eh no do right by me!!!

Ending that she is a widow.
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I was in a car accident last month and come to find out the guy was a Cameroonian, he hit me on my driver side and when he came out of his car, he appologised and begged that I shouldn't call the police that he will pay for the damages out of pocket, I still took a picture of his insurance and ID. I called the police and ofcourse his Licence was expired he begged and LIED he had to rush back to work. Being the good hearted person I am, I told him to go while I wait for the police to come. I sat there and waited for 45mins and no police (DCPD sucks with response time if it isn't a shooting) so I left as I had an appt with a client on Silver Spring. Only for them to call me 10mins after i had left the scene.
Fast forward, it has been a month now and he is now ignoring my calls and hanging up on me.
So I called the insurance and made my claim. Do u know what this my own country man does? The usual!!! He denied any responsibility and went as far as to tell them that, I (THIS NGWI) was the one who HIT him. The nerve of him!!!!
My FB fellow paysans, wunna tell this boy CHRISTIAN MANYACKA NGALE if any man know eh. Say na BADLUCK go follow eh as long as eh no do right by me!!!
I HATE liars and cheats!!! I never ever wish man bad, but this one I don wish am!!!!!

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