The Ekema Patrick's 'Fake Certificate' Phenomenon Bone, Stuck In Minister Fame Ndongo's Throat, As Embassies Penalize Students Who Want To Study Abroad

The Ekema Patrick's 'Fake Certificate' Phenomenon Bone, Stuck In Minister Fame Ndongo's Throat, As Embassies Penalize Students Who Want To Study Abroad

The Ekema Patrick's fake certificate phenomenon is dying a natural dead, as his godfathers have put the vibrations of the scandal in a dark locker, as usual, with no investigations and its outcome to appease the people.

The scandal is now weighing on poor students, who are being denied study visas in foreign embassies. Every embassy has become skeptical of certificates produced by Cameroonian students during interviews, with some taking  your certificates and passport, that they will verify its authenticity before calling you after some few days.

After  some days, when you call or they call, they either ask you to come and collect your documents and passport with a 'REFUSAL' stamp, and when you insist to know more, they say they haven't been able to verify the authenticity of your certificates because the people they contacted for the verification are either slow to reply, or never reply at all.

Consulars say they don't want to take risks nowadays, because Cameroonian certificates are full of fakes.

One sudent said she felt frustrated, as those issuing visas in the embassy she went to,  burst into laugher, when the visa issuing personality said 'all Cameroonian certificates are fake'.

To think that innocent and intelligent students are being denied the opportunity to continue their studies abroad because of one man, whom the administrative and educational authorities have decided not to sanction due to their political affiliations, makes us wonder if the authorities have the interest of the majority at heart.

The Ekema Patrick Esunge's fake certificate wind blew open, when his godmother and former VC of the University of Buea Dr.  Nalova Lyonga, pulled out his file among close to one hundred support staff of the institution, who were using fake certificate.

Further investigations revealed that the Lord Mayor of the Buea council did not have an Ordinary Level, to walk him into the high school, talk-less of and Advance Level to enable him gain admission into the University of Buea, where he graduated with a Bachelor's degree, and was even a support staff.

Investigations showed that every document Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge used to gain admission into the highschool and University were all faked and falsified, which is a grievous offense punishable by the law.

During the installation ceremony 0f the new Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, some three weeks ago, students though on strike, came out in their numbers, to denounce this practice that they said desecrated their Most Noble institution, and which must be sanitized. 

They raised their placards and voices to catch the attention of Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo of higher education who was already aware of the situation. The Minister jumped down from his car, sympathized with the students and their grievances, promising he will get to the root of the matter once he got back to his base in Yaounde.

Three weeks is already expiring since this promise was made to students and alma maters of the institution, but the Minister seem to have an iron bone in his throat, which is very difficult to swallow down his tummy for fear it will swell up and deliver a wall against him in 2018.

But his present condition is having repercussion on poor and innocent students who have their genuine certificates in their files and bags.

This is not the first time, scandals and situations of such magnitudes have been shut in the dark by the government, especially when it has to do with one of their own partner in crime.

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