President Paul Biya Humiliated By CAF As Ahmad Ahmad Settles Scores With Issa Hayatou

CAF's recent decision to increase participating teams in the African Cup of Nations tournament from 16 to 24 teams, has made the Cameroon government believe that CAF is just biased, and wants to push Cameroon to 'surrender' the organisation to either Algeria, Morocco or Zambia, who are already openly manifesting interest.

Image result for images of Kheireddine Zetchi
Algeria's Football Federation President Kheireddine Zetchi

Rumours had already cracked the Social Media  that Cameroon was going to lose its hosting rights to Algeria, when Algerian Football Federation President Kheireddine
 Zetchi  openly declared that Algeria was ready any time any day to take over the competition from Cameroon should the opportunity presents itself. Other Countries like Zambia and Morocco too did not hesitate to voice out their intentions. 

All these happened, because close door discussions among African Football Managers had been centered on a conspiracy theory on how to get back at Issa Hayatou(who is their target) and humiliate Cameroon by giving them tough conditions that they won't be able to fulfill, so that they can snatch away its rights to host the 2019 African Cup of Nations.

The Cameroon government earlier last week, made a giant press outing together with the Italian Contractor, who is responsible for constructing the Olembe Stadium, to encourage Cameroonians not to be discouraged with the flying news on Social Media about Cameroon losing its host rights.
Image result for images of Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mpkatt
Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mpkatt, Minster of Sports and Physical Education

During the Press outing, Minister Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mpkatt of Physical Education reassured Cameroonians that 'Cameroon was up to the task', and that the 2019 TOTAL AFCON, will and must happen in Cameroon.
The Italian team with Italian Ambassador to Cameroon Samuela Isopi in the middle

On his part, the 'Italian ContractorPiccini, who won the construction contract of the Olembe Stadium in Yaounde  also assured the Cameroonian people in another Press Outing  earlier this week, that the Stadium will be up and ready in October 2018. The Press Outing was chaired by the Italian Ambassador to Cameroon Samuela Isopi, and was assisted by the Architect Eloy Saurez, the Project Manager Mark Debantz and the Charge de Mission Gabriel Ngah, who all equally took the floor to explain how far preparations have gone, and that the construction materials that are being fabricated in an Italian Factory in Italy will soon arrive Cameroon.

However, while the Cameroon Government was trying to raise hopes and expectations, amidst the difficulties of hosting the traditional 16 teams in terms of infrastructures(stadiums, hotels, roads, medical etc..), the Confederation of Africa Footbal CAF, was holding a Symposium on the African Football in Rabat Morocco, in which FECAFOOT's President Tombi A Roko was a participant.

During the Symposium, some resolutions not favourable to host country Cameroon were arrived at, among which was increasing the Africa Cup of Nations participating teams from 16 to 24 beginning 2019.

Another  resolution also stated that the  tournament will now be held in the months of June and July, and that it will remain a biennial event (every two years), odd years and exclusively held on African soil with African national teams.

Conscious of the economic, political, social and financial difficulties plaguing Cameroon right now, CAF further went on to provoke that the competition which will be sponsored by Total will hold in Cameroon, and that Inspection on their readiness will be conducted  early September.

CAF's  decision to move the tournament from January and February to June and July, is something Issa Hayatou categorically refused to implement when he was President of CAF.  Issa Hayatou backed up his decision with the fact that June and July were delicate periods in Cameroon, because not only will games be played under heavy rains since these months fall in the heart of the rainy season, but also that spectators and supporters will not be comfortable to go out and support their teams under the heavy rains.

Ahmad Ahmad's decision as CAF's President, from all angles, challenges and out-rule everything Cameroon's Issa Hayatou had implemented  during his 29 years mafiaic reign at the helm of  the Confederation.

In-house wagging tongues in high places say Issa Hayatou had spent Cameroon's fortune, to buy people to side with him and carry the competition to Cameroon, since he was not expecting to be defeated during  the elections.

When Ahmad Ahmad beat Issa Hayatou in the election with the help of World football lords who played their cards under the table to oust Issa Hayatou from the African football glass house, Issa Hayatou returned home to his master President Paul Biya, who comforted him with the position of the Board Chairman of the National Football Academy.

During an interview after his CAF's defeat, Issa Hayatou rightly  bluffed to the press that:   'he will never lack a job while in Cameroon'. And truly, his words came true after Biya appointed him.

He again told pressmen and women that he did not regret the fact that he lost the elections to Madagascan Ahmad Ahmad, but regretted the fact that red joker cards and underground work by external forces were used to get rid of him from his CAF Kingdom.

According to him, the present CAF President was 'no match' to him during the  16 march 2017 elections, he only won because there were external manipulative influences. "I am not sad that I lost the elections. But I am very upset with the way it was done. Honestly, I don't see who can beat me at the level of CAF. But there were external forces that got involved with the General Assembly, who could not vote me again". The 76 years old  lamented.

Mr. Hayatou further revealed that his close relations knew he wanted to resign from CAF after the 2019 African Cup of Nations, and acknowledged he sweated to have it brought to Cameroonian soil, reason why he decided to run the 16 march 2017 race, which unfortunately did not favour him.

With all the corruption scandals that Issa Hayatou created during his 29 years of reign as President of CAF, the hundreds of millions of F CFA he allegedly spent on corrupting some group of individuals to bring the 2019 AFCON  to Cameroon, his press declarations that Ahmad Ahmad was 'no match' for him if some underground godfathers did not assist him during the elections, and the fact that Cameroon has become a Lion's den for its own citizens, CAF officials want to get their own pound of flesh from Issa Hayayou and his master, and that is the only reason sources say CAF took the recent resolutions.

Knowing fully well that Cameroon will not be able to meet up with the technical and administrative standards of the 24 competing teams, due to its internal commitments especially with 4 elections coming up in 2018, CAF says they will be coming for inspections in Cameroon in September. 'Is it September 2017 or September 2018?'.

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