Nigerian Government Confirms That Cameroon Military Did Not Kill 97 Nigerian Fishermen In Bakassi, As Nigerian Media Alerted Last Week

Nigerian Government Confirms That Cameroon Military Did Not Kill 97 Nigerian Fishermen In Bakassi, As Nigerian Media Alerted Last Week

The Nigerian government, through its  Minister of Foreign Affairs Geoffrey Onyeama has confirmed that there are no evidence to prove that Cameroon Gendarmes killed 97 Nigerian fishermen in Bakassi.

Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama, was speaking in a press conference yesterday Wednesday, July 19th 2017, where he said the 97 deaths projected represents the accumulation of Nigerians killed in the Bakassi war zone since 2008, revealing that independent investigations have proven that no such killings happened on July 3, 2017..

Explaining what brought up the smoke, Minister Geoffrey said  the incident started following the deployment in July 2017, of a new Divisional Officer to Idabato  to administer the Bakassi area.

On assumption of office, the new DO commenced the imposition of new taxes on the residents after a meeting with all the chiefs".
Accordingly, all men engaged in fishing and other business activities in the area were to pay N55,000(100 000 F CFA), women. 30,000(55 000 F CFA) and churches N50,000(90 000 F CFA) per annum.”

Furthermore, taxes on  packets of fish were raised from N200(360 F CFA) to N1,000(1800 F CFA). Butchers were to pay N1,000(1800 F CFA) per head for goats slaughtered by them".
The sanctions placed on the residents for violation of the tax rules include seizure of their boats and payment of 200 per cent of the initial tax".
This accounts for the N100,000(180 000 F CFA)  which was hitherto heralded in the news and initial reports as the amount of the tax to be paid by Nigerians.”
He said investigations reveal by the Nigerian Mission, says the death recorded were not orchestrated by the Gendarmes.
Mr. Geoffrey said some  Nigerians fled their homes and headed for the Ikang Jetty when the new DO threatened to use force. It was while they were on their way that some of them reportedly drowned.
Unfortunately, the leaders who confirmed these assertions to the team had no corpse of persons drowned in the incident as proof of the manner of death,” he said.

This confirmation from the Nigerian government comes in on time for Cameroonians to believe the Press Release made by the Cameroon government through its Minister of Communication yesterday July 19th, 'refuting allegations that it soldiers killed 97 Nigerian fishermen'.

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