Guess Who Celebrated His Birthday 'In The Struggle'!!!..Wow! Our Own South African Based Media Warrior Solomon Amabo Amabo. Happy Birthday Bro.

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Solomon Amabo Amabo

Southern Cameroons Media Warrior Solomon Amabo Amabo  clocked in another grey hair filled with wisdom on Thursday July 13 2017, and we all 'celebrated him' 'with him', as we joined our voices to wish him the best of what he wished himself towards his graceful aging. 

Solo, says he is  grateful for our birthday wishes, and sends us a 'Thank U' message entitled 'A Birthday in the Struggle' to everyone who put a fingerprint in his life through out the past year. Read and be inspired. Happy Birthday Bro...

A Birthday in the Struggle: Thank You Comrades for Your Kind Wishes!

Dear Comrades, I wish to thank you all for your kind words and wishes on my birthday. I am so humbled. It is my tradition on my birthday to evaluate how I have been as an individual and how better I have contributed to make our country the way I may desire it to be.

Permit me to say for the past year, God has been so merciful to me and I continue to put my trust and hope in Him. I keep the faith and thank Him for another year in my life!

I think that the year would not have been successful without the support of my beautiful, lovely and darling wife, my supportive family, and many of you; my friends on Facebook and social media, my friends in real life, and even those who may not share some of my views and positions on different issues.

I am grateful to comrade Atanga Achiri Belmondo and wife, who put their feet on the ground and said, I must engage myself in Post Graduate Studies. Achiri single handedly footed bills for the registration process and did his best to ensure I complete the said studies. 

My gratitude also to Comrade Milton Taka, Big brother, Fonane Hadison aka Chop Fire, Paul Nkamankeng, Sir Abotoky, Emile Etambo, Gilbert Ewi, Dr David Makongo, Calistus Fonjong, Don D Amabo, Comrade Marc Gbafou and all those who put the resources, and advice at my disposal, to enable me complete the studies and to keep on the struggle for life. I remember also my comrade Bertrand Santini who died while struggling to survive in South Africa. I dedicate my Honours Degree in Gender and Education to all of them.

This birthday takes place within the context of the Southern Cameroons Struggle. A struggle a majority of us did not expect. I wish to first remember all our brothers who paid the ultimate price, and all those who are being detained in different dungeons around the country. To Comrade Balla, Dr Fontem, Justice Ayah Paul, Comrade Mancho Bibixy and all others, I would not sleep until all of you are free men. It is the duty which every freedom fighter should have at the back of his mind.

To our Women and sisters who continue to take care of the children in the wake of the struggle, I urge you to remain steadfast and prayerful. I hereby call on all to leave rhetoric or just talking on Whatsapp, Facebook and the social media and support our women the way they can.

I doff my hat to Cameroonians in South Africa and those in Nigeria who in the wake of the struggle were able to bring all our people together for the first time in 56 years with the creation of Scacuf. To all the movements: SCNC, SCYL, MORISC, Ambazonia, Scapo etc I strongly suggest that we more than ever before, remain united amid our differences and disagreements.

It is also time to commend the efforts of Comrades Mark Bareta, Tapang Ivo and all other freedom fighters that were able to keep the steam of the struggle at a critical moment. To you all, remain consistent and know that, no one would be allowed to undermine your efforts to ensure that we live as a dignified people. To the Chairman of Scacuf’s Executive Council, Sisiku AyukTabe and your team, we are all behind you and you can be rest assured of my full support.

To all my colleagues; journalists and soldiers of the pen in detention, I keep you in my prayers and would continue to support and lobby for your release and for us to be able to do our work without being harassed, detained and jailed as it is the case now.

Comrades, I also noticed within the year, that we as a people have used the social media so well, although we have also seen how hateful some of us have been. On this score, I am taking all measures to ensure that I hence categorically refuse to be drawn into debates with those who are not informed, do not make efforts to do so, and are using the social media to spew hate and division among our people. However, there is one thing we must all learn to have: A true forgiving heart. If not, even after the struggle some people will continue to unnecessarily hate others. We must also love our Francophone brothers and sisters despite the fact that government continues to make them see Southern Cameroonians as people who don’t love Cameroon. It is an opportunity to also say, forgive me where I went wrong and let us all start a new page.

To the Cameroon government, let them be aware, that if they don’t show honesty in addressing the problems that have been raised by Southern Cameroonians, I will not spare any effort to ensure that Southern Cameroonians go their separate way. I will continue to give my full support to our people, for, I have noticed that the government is full of bad faith and thinks they can use the barrel of the gun to force us into submission. It would never work and not at this stage. I advise them to stop wasting their ink to sign thousands of decrees and creating commissions, but to urgently call Southern Cameroonians to the negotiation table. At best, they should release all those abducted and call for a referendum and let Southern Cameroonians, in a democratic manner decide their fate and future.

If they don’t do that Southern Cameroonians, from my observation would ‘fight’ until the last man is killed to secure their homeland. And it is obvious that I will stand by the people! The government should not take the alarm Hon Wirba Joseph is raising for granted. It is just a matter of time because legally speaking and otherwise, Southern Cameroonians have a case. No one in the 21st century should be subjugated to the humiliation, insults, exploitation marginalization and torture Southern Cameroonians have been subjected to, in 56 years. We remain a peaceful people and should not be considered cowards.

Permit me to also advice proprietors of mission schools to not provoke Southern Cameroonians further, by calling for a resumption of schools in September 2017, when there are visible threats of violence. The Catholic, Baptist and Presbyterian Education Secretariats should take their moral responsibility and tell the government that they risk exposing the pupils students and their structures, if the government does not listen to the voice of the people. The voice of oppressed Southern Cameroonians.

My advice to the international Community; the UN, the AU and other international bodies is that, they should not sit and be watching the abuse of Southern Cameroonians and rush in only when the people decide to start defending themselves and their homeland. They have a duty to call the dictatorial Yaounde regime to order and now!

At this point in time, I urge our people to also start and continue to personally train themselves…jogging, running, body building, learning how to drive, summersault, ride okada, ride bicycles, swim, and jump etc . I have started my own training in the typical Zulu tradition as you can see in the picture above. As aboriginal Southern Cameroonians, we can’t all die on our knees!

Let me end here by thanking all of you again for your kind wishes. My prayer is that we strengthen our faith in God, pray often, remain as peaceful as possible but ready to defend ourselves, continue to love each other and remain as honest as we can, so that the Holy Spirit would not depart from us.
God bless you all and Let the struggle for justice and the respect of our dignity as human beings continue.

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