Will Necrophobic President Biya Attend Bishop Jean Marire's Funeral?

The President of the Republic of Cameroon His Excellency Mr. Paul Biya, has been known for dodging funerals of his friends and relatives. 

He is said to be suffering from necrophobia, that makes him tremble at the thought of going closer a corpse.

When his late wife Jeanne-Irène Atyam Biya died in 1992, many people were doubting if he would answer present during her burial, but sources say his ptomaphobia went from bad to worse after that period.

Recently, he was noticeably absent during the funeral of his late mother in-law Rosette Mboutchouang, mother of his wife present wife Chantal Pulcherie Biya.

Sources say the late Bishop of Bafia, brutally assassinated by cannibals who ate his manhood, was President Biya's own personal booh, and that even his white Toyota Prado that alerted the world of his disappearance, was a gift from the Presidential Lion man.
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Late Bishop Bala's White Prado, a Presidential gift to him

Following shocking revelations unveiling the mysteries of his death, the Cameroon government and the Catholic Church, are yet to publish the seismic post mortem results given by medics after his body was found, and the Head of State has maintained an unusual silence, that no one can tell of his feelings, concerning the scandal.

President Biya's space was widely empty during the funeral of his biggest political acolyte of all time Ma Francois Foning, he dodged the funerals of Late Marc Vivian Foe, despite the fact fact that Senior world officials were present to sympathise with him.

Sources say he becomes very uncomfortable,sweats profusely, breaths restlessly, trembles frightfully and can even have a black out  infront of dead body(sans commentaire).

All these thanatophobic  symptoms were seen in him, when he attended the funeral of Bishop Etoga, and made a brief stop at the Cathedral before the requiem mass, marking present because of heavy pressure from the Catholic Clergy. 

The same thing happened, when, he attended the funerals of late Arch Bishops Andre Wouking and Jean Zoa.

His unavailability did not go unnotice, when his friends and brothers like Raphael Onambele, Ayissi Mvondo, Georges Ngango, Senga Kouoh, Egbe Tabi, Salomon Tande Muna, Fonka Tchang Lawrence, Bshop Yves Plumeh, Bishop JeanBaptiste Ama, Rev. Fr. Engelbert Mveng, Ferdinand Leopold Oyono Francis Nkwain, Enoch Kwayeb, and Felix Sabal Lecco died.

Even though the State and the church have not yet decided when the Prelate will be finally laid to rest, silent bells are already indicating that our NECROPHOBIC President Paul Biya will mourn Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala in ABSENTIA.

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