Vampires Who Assasinated Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Mutilated His Manhood And Disappeared With It

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The shocking death of the Bishop of Bafia Jean Marie Benoit Bala keeps unveiling mysteries, with revelations surfacing, that narrowly leads to the path of his inhuman bloodsucking bastards.

Heartbroken news say the Prelate's genital organ was mutilated, before the heartless cannibals who murdered him, threw him into the Sanage.

Confirming this news, the Editor in Chief of ' L'ANECDOTE' Magazine Xavier MESSE told Radio France Internationale (RFI)   that apart from the disappearing of his manhood, Prelate's legs were equally broken.  

Backing his allegations Xavier MESSE said he 'saw the results of the autopsy' from the Doctors. 

The Bishop left the Diocese on the night of Tuesday the 30th of May 2017, at about 11 p.m. and that his vehicle was found on the Ebebda bridge the next day, with the suicide note: 'I am in the water', diverting public opinion from the truth.

His corpse was found 17 km from where his car was parked, and curiously, there was no drop of water in his lungs.

The Malian fisherman who discovered the body said he took his boat that morning to go for fishing as usual in the Sanaga. He had already thrown his net in the river, when he discovered a human body floating at the corner of the right side of the river. He said the first thing he thought of when he got hold of the corpse, was to tie it to a nearby tree, contrary to what the Marine Captain claimed that he saw the body 1 m deep inside the water, whereas, it was the fisherman who called the marine, after he had taken the corpse out of the water.

Meanwhile the people of Tsang village where the corpse was found said they heard the sound of an helicopter, hovering around the discovery area, on the night of Thursday June 1, breaking June 2.

The body of the Prelate did not look like one that has been in the waters for 12 hours, because his stomach was flat. His sandals had been turned to the opposite sides, enough evidence to prove that Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala was assasinated and his genital organ taken to those dark closets, where his headhunters will feast to their doom.

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