Shocking Revelations, As The Body Found In Monatele Is Confirmed To Be That Of His Lordship Jean Marie Benoit Bala. What Message Is God Passing To Catholic Christians In Cameroon?Photos

Remains of His Lordship Jean Marie Benoit Bala as removed from the boat that brought it to shore from the Sanaga Banks of Monatele where it was discovered by a Malian fisherman

72 hours after the Bishop of the Bafia Diocese His Lordship Jean Marie Benoit Balla disappeared, Cameroonians can now rest in calm, knowing that the Prelate is no longer in the belly of the sea.
After seventy two(72) hours of  prayers and intensified search by divers, military and local fishermen, a Malian fisherman on his fishing mission in the River Sanaga, precisely in the Ntsang village of Monatele in Lekie Division of the Center Region of Cameroon, finally discovered the body of a man who has been identified as the missing Prelate.

His close collaborators have convinced themselves and the world that the Bishop was a man of Peace, Patience, Perseverance, and tolerance, who had so much faith in his religion and his Creator, God Almighty. The man in Mgr Jean Marie Benoit Bala is not that which situations can push to suicide.

One of the Priests who recently saw a breakdown in the personality of the Prelate,  Rev. Fr. Remy Ngomo Ngomo has come out with revelations on the behaviour of His Lordship Mgr Jean Marie, few days before his dramatic disappearance.

'Mgr Jean Marie was always looking worried. and disturbed, and we could see that he was in pains, something which is normal for a father who has lost a son (talking of the young  Priest who died in his sleep in Bafia less than two weeks ago). I will end by quoting the Philosopher Alfred de Vigny 'To see what we were and what we leave Only silence is great The rest is weakness'.

"Firstly, 9 days after the burial of the young Priest Fr. Amel Collins Ndjama, Director of the Minor Seminary of the Diocese who was found death in his room on May 10 2017, and who is said to have been present on social media the eve of his death with many of his friends. That is another inexplicable mystery. Was it the Will of God, or was it just human manipulation?. Difficult to understand. Death itself is a great mystery. We are never sure to have the best keys to interpret the mystery of death". Fr. Ngomo expressed.

"Secondly, during the funeral of the late young Priest, I saw that the Bishop was very weak. The death of the Priest affected him so badly. He was very depressed. He was telling the parents of the late Priest that he was more affected than them. Which was absolutely true. The father of the late Priest was stronger, more courageous and full of faith, so much so that he was encouraging his wife to be strong as well in the face of their trouble. 'I want to state here that I was personally incharge of the parents of the late Priest for almost four days before the removal of the corpse till after the burial'".

"Thirdly, after the installation of the mortal  remains at the Cathedral after the second mass of 9 pm, the Vicar General of the Bafia Diocese who is a friend of the Minor Seminary invited me to dinner at the refectory with His Lordship Mgr Jean Marie Benoit Bala and some other Priests like Fr. Olomo, of the Yaounde Cathedral,  Fr. Jean Baptiste Ekassi working with the Diocese of Ding in France, Fr. Samuel Gbang the Spiritual Director, myself and the two Bishops and Emeritus Bishop Athanase Bals".

"Through out the fraternal dinner, our discussions were diversified with humour and pleasantries about the 90 years old Pope, the Father of all. Despite that, the Prelate was still visibly worried and disturbed, and we could all see that he was suffering deep down in him, something which is normal for a father who loses a son in his old age. Even though he kept his smile on and off, I noticed a disturbing silence in him".

"After the dinner, he turned to me and said 'Thank you for flying 2000km from Doba to Bafia, to assist the Diocese during this difficult period. Your little brother Fr. Amel was my right-hand person in the Diocese and the Minor Seminary. He has left me brokenhearted.  He was to coordinate the  upcoming examinations in July and the 50th Anniversary of the Diocese coming up in January 2018'. It was heartbreaking. He looked at me silently and slowly bowed his head down, concluding ' May the Will of God be done'".

"Fourthly during the burial of the Priest on May 23rd, I saw him a bit stronger and more relaxed, in the company of four other Bishops from the Yaounde Ecclesiastical Province, together with the Arch Bishop of the Yaounde Metropolitan, presiding the Eucharistic celebrations with a superfluity of 210 Priests around him, together with friends, relatives, Christians and faithfuls of the deceased Priest".

"On the fifth note, 8 days after the burial of Rev. Fr. Amel, His Lordship Jean Marie Benoit Bala sends  his flock and family the same shocking waves and pains he went through, when Fr. Amel died. The only question that I am asking myself at this moment is: 'what does God want from us?' To me, it is certain, that God has a message for us, the Catholic Church in Cameroon in general, and that of the Bafia Diocese in particular.

"Instead of rambling and procrastinating on empty metaphysical issues, I call on my friends, Christians and non Christians, to remain calm in faith, hope and charity. Let us avoid useless judgments or unglorified debates that honours the devil and his his agents. Let us pray so that God should Manifest His Will and Wishes. Let us pray that He should give us the grace and blessings that will help public authorities to find the hidden truth behind this horrible incident".

"Lastly, I will conclude by still paraphrasing the quotes of the Philosopher Alfred de Vigny ''To see what we were and what we leave, Only silence is great. The rest is weakness'"

"May the SILENCE of Faith and  Meditation help us to be remain calm in prayer and total CONFIDENCE in God, the giver of LIFE and the Winner of death. This will free us from headache and sleeplessness, and free us for EVIL".
Who can confidently tell me the way he/she will want to die?

"Who can confidently tell me the way he/she will want to die?. I will prefer to die one day, in the state of grace and not disgrace. Thank you for accepting whatever will happen. May God give us peace and leave us His PEACE. Let us continue to pray for His Lordship and His natural family, his diocese and us all".

Meanwhile the mortal remains Of His Lordship Jean Marie Benoit Bala have been put in the Yaounde General Hospital mortuary, where an autopsy will be carried out.

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