Shocking Revelations About Cardinal Tumi And The DCC Martin Belinga Eboutou

Looks like the Director of Civil Cabinet(DCC) at the Presidency  Martin Belinga Eboutou and Emeritus Bishop Cardinal Christian Wiyghan Tumi have some binding strings since their early days in the Seminary. 

Sources reveal that their friendship and intimacy is so strong, and cemented with oaths regarding secrets from the past, that both men dare not challenge the other, for fear of being exposed, and Cardinal Tumi seems to hold dear to that oath.

Despite series of allegations against Martin Belinga, including his alleged involvement in the assassination of the Bishop of Bafia, and his dark dirty jobs that he does for his master Biya to remain the everlasting President of Cameroon, Cardinal Tumi on his part says the DCC is 'a Saint with the fear of God in him'.

'What I know of Martin Belinga Eboutou is his sincere christian life.  He is a man who has always lived in the fear of God. He has even built a small Chapel in his residence, where he shares his prayers with people'. Cardinal Tumi declared.

According to Cameroonweb, Ndzana Seme on exile reveal that, during his years of studies at the Akono Seminary, Cardinal Tumi fell in love with a lady from  Elig-Mfomo, in the Lekie Division of the the Center Region, and this relationship produced two girls Caroline born in 1958, and Angeline. The girls are said to have died mysteriously, and it was alleged that Martin Belinga Eboutou was involved in their mysterious killings.

Cameroonweb also states that another enemy of the regime on exile Patrice Nouma revealed that, 'Anytime Martin Belinga sacrifices a Bishop, President Biya remains in power, and that the sacrifice of a high ranking church minister comes  second, after the great sacrifice of a child or a baby, which is the biggest and greatest sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to Satan the master demon himself, in their circle of witchcraft'.

Martin Belinga is  accused of assassinating Rev. Fr. Armel Djama and His Lordship Jean Marie Benoit Bala, both from the Bafia Diocese. 

Cameroonians say he is the one carrying out all the dirty jobs at the helm of the country, but Cardinal Tumi thinks he is 'sociable and  respectful'.

'As a politician, I will say he is a true social mediator.I have not seen a senior politician who care about other people  like him. Belinga lives only to help people. He is the only politician I know whose actions are based on the fear of God, and he is very respectful. It's a pity Cameroonians do not know him well' Cardinal Tumi lamented. 

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