Scandal In Buea Regional Hospital Annex. Pregnant Woman Dies. Mortuary Attendant Operates Her, And The Baby Allegedly Disappears

The family of a certain Lowe Christine Laure, who died on April 2 2017, and whose corpse is still at the Buea Regional Hospital Annex is calling for help from the local and international community, to bring more light and justice to what killed their daughter, and where her baby has been taken to.

The family who were guests on the Equinox TV Tuesday Program 'Regard Social' of Tuesday June 1 2017, say they received a call on the 2nd of April 2017, that their daughter and sister Lowe Christine Laure had died. The decease was eight months pregnant, and the husband with whom she already has three other children, told her family that the baby their Laure was carrying in her stomach died, and had been buried.

The family of the deceased who are based in Douala, went to Buea, and from what their inlaw told them that their daughter died in hospital at about 1 pm, they got other information, contradicting their declarations, which was mixed with fishy actions and words.

When they went to the Director of the hospital Prof. Enow Orock George, he told them nobody had died in his hospital with the name Lowe Christine Laure. But two days later, the same Director told them during investigations, that one of his female Doctors confirmed to him that the corpse of a pregnant lady was brought to the hospital in the early morning hours of that fateful Sunday.

The family went to the morgue, but the mortuary attendant who as at press time is said to have been fired, told them he could not completely pull out the corpse of Laure for her family to confirm if it was really her.

When questioned about the the baby, the mortuary attendant said the aunt of  Laure's husband brought a black plastic bag and told him it was the remains of a baby and asked him to bury it, which he did. But during investigations, he said the lady had died together with the baby, and he operated her, removed the baby and had buried it. What?????????????????????? without the family.

The devastated family went to the State Counsel to complain and an investigation was opened. The first action was that the husband of Laure was arrested and locked up, but was later released under pretext he was mentally unstable.

The Law has refused to take its course. The State Counsels are forcing the family to go and bury their daughter, and are even asking them if they want their inlaws to dowry the body of their daughter. The SDO has refused to order the exhumation of the remains of the baby, to see if actually it was buried as alleged. The hospital is not helping matters as they have sent the Mortuary attendant out of his job, and the baby is no where to be found. The hospital has refused to carry out an autopsy as requested by the family.

The family who staged a sit-down protest infront of the hospital gate on May 3rd 2017,  say they cannot bury their daughter with seeing the baby  they claimed died.

The Minister of Public Health has been notified, but his lips remain sealed.

At the end of it all, there seem to be a mafia, and the hospital is 100 % involved in this.


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