President Biya Says He Is Open To Dialogue, But Will Not Welcome Violence

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President Biya Says He Is Open To Dialogue, But Will Not Welcome Violence

Cameroon has been in tumult since the Anglophone crisis sprang up in 2016. In the beginning, the government considered it a child's play, using force to intimate the aggrieved population. Resistance came in unexpected, and the government in a bid to try and restore order again, made series of irreversible blunders, that has even complicated the situation the more.

Lawyers stopped going to courtroomS, students and teachers stopped going to the classrooms, ghost towns took over Mondays and Tuesdays, with public and properties being destroyed by fire by unseen people. 

Government saw that it was losing at all angles, and tried to engage in dialogues, that were unfruitful. Before things went haywire, while different sessions of dialogue were ongoing, many more people were being arrested, military people took over the streets in the towns of the anglophone regions of the country, brutalizing and killing unarmed citizens as per instructions received from the hierarchy.

Leaders of the Anglophone Civil society Consortium were arrested and are still in jail till date,  and President Biya says it's time to dialogue.

In his daily write ups on his official Facebook page of Thursday June 1 2017, Mr. Biya writes that 'he will continue to practice dialogue and tolerance in Cameroon'.

'As I have stated all along, we shall continue to uphold tolerance and dialogue in #Cameroon. Provided dissent and demands are expressed within the framework of the law, we shall listen, and through the path of negotiation, we shall accede, to the fullest extent possible, to those requests that are legitimate. I believe social dialogue is a necessity. And so, we shall not silence those who do not share our points of view on how the country should be run. And we reject the use of force as a means of political action, as is sometimes the case elsewhere, as we have recently seen'. The Head of State wrote.

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