Peter Essoka Dragged To Court By Afrique Media

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Peter Essoka Dragged To Court By Afrique Media

The Chairman  of the National Communication Council (NCC) Peter Essoka will be appearing before the Yaounde Court of First Instance today Tuesday June 13 2017, to answer for charges  against him by officials of Afrique Media

According to the 'Le Messager' newspaper on kiosk yesterday June 12, Peter Essoka is accused of refusing to execute a court decision  where he was asked to pay damages to Afrique Media for  'abuse of power, forfeiture and defamation'.

In 2016,  Afrique Media and so many other media houses in the country where sanctioned by NCC. Not comfortable with the decisions, Afrique Media  dragged NCC to court, and won the case.

On March 1, the court ordered NCC to unseal Afrique Media which they had sealed and banned from airing, and also ordered that he pay some huge sums of money as damages to Afrique Media. 

Peter Essoka as an individual,  contested the court's decision against the structure he is heading more than one year after the decision was made. Acting in his capacity still as Peter Essoka, he wrote to cable distributors, instructing them  to take off Afrique Media Channel from their different diffusion packages, or face the consequences.

Some cable distributors executed these instructions, while others blushed it aside saying it was biased. 

As a result of his instructions, Afrique Media channel was no longer on air, causing the media house untold difficulties including huge financial losses.

It is for this reason and the one above that Peter Essoka was served a direct summon, to appear before the judges, who will decide his fate. 

Meanwhile in the NCC itself the personnel says their boss Peter Essoka is using harsh dictatorial rules to govern the structure. Personnel say he is always very angry, sends out irrelevant and harsh correspondences to them, harass and blackmail them to the extend that none can stand up against him or advise him in anyway 

The court case against Peter Essoka about his irrational behaviour, will cost the National Communication Council billions for damages, and might even cost him his job and the palmares that he is using crooked measures to keep.

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