More Lights On Monsignor Jean-Marie Benoit Balla's Disappearance. What Really Happened To Him, And How He Behaved Before His Shocking And Mysterious Disappearance

As reported yesterday, the Bishop of Bafia Monsignor Jean-Marie Benoit Balla, disappeared on Wednesday May 31st 2017, leaving a suicide note on the passenger seat of his Toyota Prado car matriculated  CE 9503 V.

His immediate environment say the Prelate was  putting up any  unusual attitude, that was not of his personality recently, and that they could not reconcile his new attitude to what became like the end result. 

Before he disappeared yesterday, he left a note that read 'I am in the water', and as at press time, no information has been gotten as to whether he actually dived into the water, or whether he was kidnapped or  has been assassinated.

The alleged suicide note is so far the only light shed on the disappearance of the Prelate, which remains a mystery to the catholic faithfuls and sympathizers.

Leading Facts
In the early hours of the afternoon yesterday, Rev. Fr. François-Xavier Ayissi of the Balamba Parish in the Mbam and Inoubou Division was crossing the Childhood bridge of the River Sanaga at Ebebda. While driving past the bridge, he recognized the white colour Toyota Prado of the his Bishop parked on  the bridge. He stopped, and went closer to the vehicle, but the Bishop was not inside, neither was there any other person in the car.

Earlier the same yesterday a Rev. Sis of the Bafia Diocese Sister Eleonora had also seen the same vehicle parked at the same spot where Rev. Fr. Ayissi saw it. But she drove pass, without suspecting his Lordship could be in any danger. 

Some hours later upon her return, Sr. Eleonora saw Fr. Ayissi besides the Bishop's car, and stopped to see if there was anything happening.

The two Religious decided to dig deeper into the mystery. They went closer to the vehicle, and saw saw some personal identification papers on the passenger's seat. These documents were on top of a paper carrying the Diocesan Letterhead, and on the paper, was written: 'I am in the water'. The two Clergies decided to raise an alarm.

The message 'I am in the water' was signed, and close relations to the Prelate says it is his handwriting and signature. The first idea that came in was that he had committed suicide, even though no one saw when he dived into the waters. 

What really happened? Priests, Religious officials and faithfuls of Bafia do not believe Monsignor Jean-Marie Benoit Balla has committed suicide. . They do not even want to acknowledge that idea. 

According to the Delegate of Transport for the Mbam and Inoubou Division Jean-Jacques Eloundou Foudawho is also a christian and close relative to the missing Bishop, 'the Bishop did not tell anyone he had any worries'. Physically, he was not sick. 

'We were together recently, during the 20th May celebration. We all sat  together on the grandstand' The Delegate said. Others however said there was nothing abnormal in his attitude on Tuesday, before he disappeared on Wednesday.

The Shadows Of Suspicion

It is 18h on May 31st 2017. and  Rev. Sr. Scholastique is sitting on the pedestrian lane of the Ebebda bridge. She is visibly devastated by the sudden and unexpected disappearance of the Bishop. The Sister says the lost Pontiff took his dinner at 7:20 p.m on Tuesday 30th May 2017. She says she remembers it, because the Pontiff's cook left the diocese some few minutes  after 8 p.m.

The sister said after dinner, the Prelate retired for the day into his inner chambers. At 11 p.m, Monsignor Jean-Marie Benoît Balla left the Diocese, which was contrary to his ethics. The gate-man said the Bishop himself was on the steering of his white Toyota Prado that was found on the Ebebda bridge. Sister Scholastique said the Bishop never loved to drive at night. Moreover, when he wanted to go out alone, he would use his other car, which is a Toyota Sedan as well.

More Curiosity

While leaving the Diocese, the lost Clergyman told the gate-man that he was going to Yaounde, something which he never did without rearrangements. According to a Priest, the missing Bishop always informs his close collaborators before leaving the diocese for whatsoever reason, and even if he did not inform them, he always left a note as to where he has gone to, and when he will return.

Yesterday morning 31st May 2017, when the Bishop's driver came to work, he did not see his boss. His phone lines were all switched off. 'when I tried calling, his lines were not going through. I did not insist because I thought he was resting'. Sister Scholastique lamented.

Investigations are ongoing, as catholic faithfuls, Cameroonians and the catholic world, are trusting and hoping that more lights should be shed concerning the mysterious disappearance of Monsignor Jean-Marie Benoit Balla.

Meanwhile divers keep going deeper under the River Sanaga, to see if the can find his body as he said he was 'in the water'.

Other options are being explored as well, and we are all hoping that the by the end of tomorrow, another leading information will surface.

Stay tuned.

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