Minister Of External Relations Mbella Mbella Lajeune And Pay Master At the Cameroon Embassy In France Involved In A 2 Billion Francs Embezzlement Scandal

Minister Of External Relations Mbella Mbella Lajeune And Pay Master At the Cameroon Embassy In France Involved In A  2 Billion Francs Embezzlement Scandal 

A complaint has been deposited at the Special Criminal Court, against the Minister of External Relations Mbella Mbella Lajeune, and a group of individuals of the Cameroon Embassy in France, over the alleged embezzlement of the sum of  2 000 000 000 F CFA (2 Billion Francs) that was over-billed during the purchase of the Residence of the Cameroon Ambassador to France.

The source of this scandal  Boris Bertolt, France based Cameroonian Investigating journalist say the culprits, among who are Mbella Mbella Lajeune, former Cameroon Ambassador to  France and present Minister of External Relations, Christophe KETCHANKEUPaymaster of the Cameroon Embassy in France since 1984, Josephine MATCHEME Epse FOTSO, formerly Incharged of Special Duties at the Presidency of the Republic, and an Agent of the the Directorate General for External Research residence for the Cameroon's Ambassador to France, where asked to but Residence for the Cameroon Ambassador to France in 2007, and it was during that time that the money was trickily stolen from the government.

Mbella Mbella Lajeune and Christophe KETCHANKEU got a Broker of the Jewish nationality to help them search for the property to be acquired, and the Jew saw the house in the town of Saint-Maur-des Fossés, an hour drive from the Embassy's location. The property belonged to a certain couple Mr. Levy and Mme Giresse, who set up the selling price of their house  at 500 000 000 F CFA (Five Hundred Million Francs), but the gang of embezzlers told the the couple they could only buy and pay for  the house, if they will be given a receipt at 2 823 050 000 F CFA(Two Billion, Eight Hundred and Twenty Three Million, Fifty Thousand Francs).

The over-billed excess of 2 323 779 525 F CFA(Two Billion Three Hundred and Twenty Three Million, Seven Hundred and Seventy Nine Thousand  Five Hundred and Twenty Five Francs), went straight into the pockets of the individuals mentioned above, after the State had paid the total cost as requested by the owners of the property.

According to Boris, this mafia was only unmasked, during a Forensic Audit ordered by the Presidency in 2016, when someone among the gang whispered it unconsciously to another person.

The said Audit carried out by a France based Housing Agent Anne Carole Immobiliere, situated at 91 Avenue du Bac, 94210 Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, revealed the shocking scandalous financial transaction that transpired among the unsatisfied crooks, during the purchase of the Residence of the Cameroon Ambassador to France.

Helas! such is our country Cameroon. We await the start of the hearings at the Special Criminal Court. 2 323 779 525 F CFA.

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