Lady Ponce Hammers On The Hypocrisy And Jealousy Of Cameroonians

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Bitkusi Queen Lady Ponce has decried the manipulative attitude of Cameroonians, that stands as a broken ladder for artists to climb higher.

The star went red on Cameroonians who cook up false allegations against stars fighting tooth and nail to defend the national colours of the country abroad.

Lady Ponce was live on Facebook on Thursday June 22nd 2017, for more than an hour vomiting out fire on the envious and hypocritical attitude of Cameroonians.

She revealed that in her 10 years as a singer, she has been the target of many attacks and sabotage, and that her silence all these while is not a sign of weakness, but she decided not to respond to baseless rumors.
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The diva is very angry with those who use the social media Facebook to settle their personal scores by dividing artists who are doing nothing but their job. 'Stop your tribalism. I am not a Beti, I am a Cameroonian'. She shouted in anger.
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The incomparable Bitkusi dancer of all time also revealed that she has 'never obtained help from the Cameroon Ministry of Culture', and that when she was preparing for a show recently in Bangui, where she had to travel with sixteen people, only people of goodwill gave her the necessary support.

'I have been working since the age of sixteen, when I lost my parents. I have never wanted a man to take care of me'. she lashed out to her detractors, who could not stop pestering her.

'It's three years now, that this lady has been insulting and talking about me on social network. She asked for my services through a friend of my senior cousin Chantal Ayissi. I later started receiving calls from people on behalf of this lady, and I ended up blocking her number, and since then, she hasn't stopped insulting and attacking me at every given opportunity' she declared concerning a lady whose name she did not disclosed.

The past two weeks have been one hell of crazy waves for Cameroonian artists, from Daphne's accident, to Askia and Ngoh Dalida's accident, to Charlotte Dipanda's fake lesbian allegations to Maahlox being beaten up in a nigh club in Yaounde, to Tchoutang Bernard's witchcraft allegations on Samuel Eto'o, ouf!, the list is exhaustive.

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'None is more Cameroonian than Lady Ponce. We are all Cameroonians', the boneless waist dancer declared.

Talking about excessive jealous countrymen, she said ' excessively jealoused and wicked over nothing. when you see manipulations on social media, be careful'.

Lady Ponce is one Cameroonian artist who have suffered slander and calomny from her own people, but whose bravery and hard work, has taken her higher than she herself expected.

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