General Rene Meka, General Baba Soule And Two Colonels To Cough Out The Money For Striking Military Men In The North That They Swallowed In Greed

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The truth of why the 32 military men of the Air Force 1 and 2 Battalions got angry and blocked the  Kousséri-Maroua highways for almost thirty minutes on June 3rd 2017, has been revealed.

After they got angry and acted the way they did, in the absence of the defense Minister, they were all arrested. 25 of them were flown to Yaounde, while 7 others who were transported by rail, disappeared along the way.

Due to this scandal that involved the military, the Head of State  President Paul Biya, ordered that a meeting of Generals be convened immediately to investigate what actually went wrong and why. 

During the meeting, General Rene  Meka said the warriors were angry because they had not been paid for three months, which was a BIG LIE.

According to Cameroonweb dissing the vibes, it was agreed that the Soldiers would each be paid 450 000 FCFA monthly, before they went out for the two years deadly mission.

Two years one month on the battlefield, and not even a dime was been given to them, and whenever they checked with their superiors, they were either told stories or given fallacious promises, but they continued protecting the country and its interest on the war front, where most of their colleagues lost their lives..

Along the line,  they were asked to give their various account numbers and photos, which they gave, but still yet, their money remained caged without explanations, reason why their patience expired at the end of their mission and they took to the streets..

Cameroonweb further reports that the others who were in the same situation, but who did not go down the streets, but were just grumbling and manifesting in the barrack, were punished for 10 days without food.

But what happened to their money?

At the end of their two years mission, where they were to return to their various bases, General Philippe Mpay together with General Bouba Debekreo requested that the 25 months salary of the soldiers be paid in full. But looks like the money was not AVAILABLE as it is alleged that Generals Rene  Meka and Baba Soule had diverted the destinations of the funds elsewhere, with the complicity of both Colonels Enyouma Prothé and Fosso Moïse.

During the meeting of the Generals, the two Generals  Meka and Baba could not explained what happened to the allowances of the warriors, that is supposed to have been paid to them.

Meanwhile, still during the meeting, it was uncovered that both Colonels Enyouma and Fosso  were the ones wiring the allowances of these soldiers into their personal accounts, under the protection, cover and instructions of Generals René Meka and Baba Soulé, who promised them safety should the issue raises dust. 

Consequently, the signatures of Colonels Enyouma Prothé and  Fosso Moïse were immediately withdrawn, as it is murmured among the Generals that they were ones who helped Meka and Baba to stripped the warriors off their. Colonel Achete, who too is implicated in the hot pot of soup, is presently on the run.

Disappointed in Generals René Meka and Baba Soulé and the other corrupt officers, Generals Philippe Mpay and Bouba Debekréo walked out of the meeting, that was being animated by fake arguments from embezzlers, ordering them to cough out the warriors' allowances immediately.

After 25 months of fighting against Boko Haram, where most of their colleagues lost their lives, the only appreciation the these brave warriors got was empty pockets and cold cell rooms. 

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