Dr. Tikum Mbah Azonga's Controversial Write-up About North West And South Westerners Of Cameroon Sets The Web Ablaze

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Dr. Tikum Mba Azonga, has set social media ablaze with a controversial write-up about North West and South Westerners of Cameroon, with insinuations that South Westerners are far more hospitable, tolerant and accommodating than the North Westerners.

Some say this learned gentleman's write-up is a bravery of nothing but the 'TRUTH', while others say it is political BULLSHIT to seek notice from the powers in Yaounde, so that he can be favoured in any upcoming appointment.

Read the nonse he wrote below...
'There is no doubt that the North West has dominated the South West in many spheres. There are towns and villages in the South West where North westerners are in the majority. But I don't know of anywhere in the North West where South westerners dominate Northwesters in numbers. Mutengene is nicknamed "Cham" which in the Metta language of Momo Division means "home", "village", "town", etc. The fact that the nickname is in Metta and not in Bakweri is indicative of something. Again, the number of North West people in Ekona is so great that just the Ngwo people there, for example, have a "Ngwo Palace" here. If I'm not mistaken, Ngie ( Momo Division of the North West ) also has a sizeable community there. There is a village here in Buea called Mamu which is strongly Northwest-dominated. Finally, here is an anecdote: When I first arrived in Buea to take up my appointment at the University of Buea, I lived in Lower Bokova Village in Mile 15. Then one day we were told the D.O. of Buea was to visit the village. When he came, I was surprised that I was made to line up and be presented to him as an elite of the village, me from the North West!. The person who organized the event was from the North and the one who read the welcome speech was from the North West. The reverse would rarely happen in the North West. I also believe that there is a large number of North westerners working at the CDC..There also appears a numerical North West lead in terms of students and lecturers in the 8 state universities . This was probably why the former Governor of the Southwest, the late Peter Oben Ashu referred to them as "come no go". South westerners are no doubt, nice, kind and accommodating people. Let us be thankful to them. But above all, let us not take their leniency for weakness. At this crucial point in the political evolution of our country when we are seeking to right wrongs, let us also seriously think of balancing the equation and give something back to them so that it is all a win-win situation. But over and above everything else, let's acknowledge their kindness and admit that one good turn deserves another. Note:- AFTER THIS READ, CAN WE START A TRUE RECONCILIATION? WE ARE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF LOVE, CAN LOVE LEAD NOW? LET TIME TELL!!'

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