Cameroonian Loudmouthed Artist Maalox Gets Slammed For Calling Late Bishop Of Bafia A 'Fuck.N Dog'

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Cameroonian garrulous artist Maalox, who is known for his sarcastic and uncooked declarations, is on fire for calling the late Bishop of Bafia a ' Fucking Dog'.

The 'Le Vibreur' singer went to his Facebook page and slammed the Prelate, who is alleged to have committed suicide, calling him names not excluding 'Fucking Dog'.

Fans and sympathizers of the late Bishop did not find it funny, and descended on him like ambasbees, but that didn't clear off the weed in his eyes, as he continued his insults on His Lordship Jean Marie Benoit Bala, calling him 'a goat who says he is a man of God, but  is the first to jump into the lake. A dog like him. I have no compassion or pity for him. He committed suicide because he has problems more than the people in my neighbourhood who don't have what to eat'.

'His mother's ass. He committed suicide because he has problems who than who out here? Less I forget, all these dirty prostitutes who comes to wall to talk about their dirty as that smells rotten fish on my wall. I am warning you that I don't care about your crocodile tears. Dogs. If you love him that  much, go and cry infront of the River Sanaga, and not on my wall. Has anyone told you he died on my wall? Goat. He calls himself man of God, but  is the first to jump into the water. Dog like him. I have no compassion or pity for him.He committed suicide because he has problems more than the people who do not even have what to eat in my neighbourhood?. It's just minus one cockroach on earth'. The rotten mouth artist wrote.

One of his followers replied him saying: 'This lack of compassion especially from an artist is deplorable. Drug has probably destroyed the little common sense left in you.'

Guess what! Maahlox did not let her go without giving her a share of his idiocy. 'Your mother's big ass that lays lizard eggs. If you were the whore of that dog(talking of the Prelate) who committed suicide, go and mourn your guy elsewhere. Don't come and mourn on my wall. Dirty dog'. The squealer cursed again.

Matured artists like General Valsero came to the late Prelate's defense, and publicly condemns the attitude of the weed addict.

'Where has love, compassion and solidarity gone from Cameroonians? To laugh and poke fun on the death of a Prelate....Where has our humanity gone to? I am shocked and disappointed. Let us meet tonight at 8 p.m Cameroon time. Who are you? Ghosh. What is all this?'.

Meanwhile rumors circulated online that the weed addicted artist Maahlox had been summoned to the Gendarmerie Headquarter for questioning about his vulgar declarations, but turns out to be fake, because the garish beast himself took to his wall to debunk the claims

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