Adele Mballa Atangana says Her 'Proof Reader' Gave Her The Misleading Information That Brought Down Hell On Her

Following the ridiculous scandal of the Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation (CRTV) concerning the announcement of a fake French GovernementESPACE  237 THE MAG caught up with the anchor lady Adele Mballa Atangana who made the blunder and relays in details what actually happened.

Adele Mballa Atangana says her 'Proof ReaderSerge Atangana Bisso actually was the brain behind it all.

"After the 8:30 p.m news on that Monday, May 15 2017, I went back to my office, and was checking documents in the folder that needed my signature, when I received a phone call from the GM Charles Ndongo, informing me of the error in the announcement I made during the News segment. I gave him a summary of what happened, and equally sent him a manuscript of what I used for the announcement. After the phone call, I received an SMS from Serge Atangana Bisso my Proof Reader, apologizing for giving me a misleading information he claimed he saw floating on social media. Unfortunately, the deed had been done, and. there was nothing more to be done to redress the situation".

Reflecting back on what truly went wrong that fateful Monday May 15, 2017,  and how she fell in such a trap, Adele recalled: "I arrived as usual in the editorial room, in preparation for the 8:30 p.m News cast. The news script was validated and the elements for reporting were ready. I took the reporting of the various reporters as it is of my habit to check word for word. At 8:10 p.m, I had completed my writing and editing and left the editorial room to the makeup room, where I met Serge Atanagana Bisso who is the Proof Reader on the way. He is the only one who has the capacity to accompany the broadcaster. He verbally informed me that Edouard Philippe was the new French Prime Minister. As the Director of Information, I questioned him about the source of this last minute information, and he answered that  it was read over 'TF1'. That gave me more assurance. At  8:50 p.m 20 mins inside the News, I suddenly received a note on the platform from the 'Proof Reader', about the constitution of a new French Government with Edouard Philippe as Prime Minister. The note was hand handwritten and was not in the initial bulletin list. I read it as it came, without omitting any content. I also discovered the said government the same time as our viewers while I was reading".

This bluder caused Adele Mballa Atangana her position as a News Broadcaster, even though she still occupies her back office position, and  CRTV has also apologized to the French Government and the General  Public for the error.

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