Unrepentant Paul Atanga Nji Goes To Biya's Rescue Again To His Own Detriment, Bragging That He Was Right When He Said The Anglophone Crisis Are Sponsored From Abroad. Video

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Paul Atanga The Unrepentant Taitor

The Minister Incharge of Special Duties at the Presidency, and the one accused of having pushed the anglophone communities to get angry  riot bigger when he said there was 'NO ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM', was among the of Presidential Couple's 20th May 2017 reception invitees, at the Etoudi Unity Palace.

As usual, CRTV's Presidential Correspondent George Ewane, caught up with him in an interview, and behold Atanga Nji confirmed that CPDM is doing really great in Bamenda.

The unrepentant Paul Atanga Nji boasted that 5000 (five thousand) militants of the ruling CPDM party took pass in the highly militarized march pass in the North West Regional Capital of Bamenda, to mark festivities of the 2017 20th May, expressing joy of belonging to the party. 

He continued that the said militants went to Governor Adolf Lele's  office and gave him a 'Symbol of Peace', which means the CPDM will stand for Peace and Unity and which he themed the 'Strength of Cameroon'.

'Unity we stand, but divided we fall' the Minister said. He applauded his fellow comrades in the North West Region, who came in their numbers, to give their unflinching support to the Head of State, who is also their Chairman. 

Talking about the privileges he and his cohorts are selfishly enjoying, while forgetting the plights of the less privileged, Atanga Nji bragged that: 'we are comfortable in this one and indivisible Cameroon', and call on his likes to stand behind President Paul Biya whom he branded 'pilot of the ship'.

Atanga Nji said  Cameroonians have expressed satisfaction that Biya is Cameroon's Head of State, and call on all to rally behind him because of the confidence that he can rule Cameroon.

George Ewane tricked the mouth running gentleman into his own doom with an intriguing question of 'Mister Minister some months ago, you were almost alone in the stance that you took. Today, Cameroonians all over the national territory have realized that you spoke the truth. What you did say was that the events happening and the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon were sponsored from the outside and events that have unfolded so far have given you reason and for us to believe that you were speaking the truth'.

In his reply, Atanga Nji blustered to his interviewer who he called 'an eye witness' of what he told him during their last interview that in Cameroon, as Mr. Biya said, 'you can express certain worries', we need to do them within the frame work of the state, respecting the constitution. He said we are in a country where Cameroonians must abide by the rules governing the country, confirming that he said some of these people rioting in the two English speaking crisis regions were 'sponsored from outside', because they had nothing to do with the revendications, and as such used this pretext because they had something else in mind.

He further vaunted that he was contented because Cameroonians have finally realized he told them  the truth. 

He eulogized his Master Biya, whom he said have managed the crisis in a wonderful way as a states man, how he Biya has risen against partisan politics to remain the Head of State who is a guarantor of national unity, guarantor of the strength of Cameroon, and that everyone should have the sense of belonging to Cameroon

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