Shocking New Claims Reveal That Princess Diana's Accident Was A Death Trap Setup For Her In Advance

Princess Diana
Princess Diana

Princess Diana ’s death crash limo had been written off after an earlier smash, investigators claim.
But the Mercedes-Benz S280, which hit a Paris tunnel wall in 1997, was re-built and sold on to a hotel car pool.
One source told a TV documentary: “It had crashed before, and rolled over.”
A new investigation into the tragedy alleges the Mercedes-Benz S280 was a “re-built wreck” doomed to fall apart if driven at more than 37mph (60kph).
Bosses at the Ritz Hotel, where the Princess and her lover Dodi Fayed were staying, allegedly ignored warnings about the state of the vehicle after a driver complained of it being dangerous.
The astonishing allegations detailing a number of new claims were broadcast tonight on French television
The new revelations come almost 20 years since Diana, the mother of Princes William and Harry , was sitting in the back seat of the Mercedes-Benz S280 when it hit an underpass wall while travelling at up to 120mph.
The pool car was provided by the Paris Ritz Hotel, which was owned by Dodi’s father, billionaire businessman Mohammed al-Fayed, but senior staff allegedly refused to get rid of it, it was claimed.
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A driver issued a stark warning about the state of the car just two months before the high-speed accident in Paris that claimed the lives of the 36-year-old Royal, her boyfriend Dodi Fayed, 42, and their chauffeur, Henri Paul, 41.
French and British inquiries have all concluded that Mr Paul, the driver, was primarily responsible for the crash on August 31 1997.
He lost control as he raced through the Alma Tunnel, next to the River Seine, while drunk and on anti-depressants, and trying to get away from pursuing photographers.
Neither Mr Paul nor Dodi Fayed survived the impact, while Diana herself died from her wounds in a nearby hospital a few hours later.
The Mercedes ultimately belonged to Etoile Limousines (Star Limousines) – the company that provided chauffeurs and cars to the Ritz, which is where Diana and Dodi were on a weekend break.

Pascal Rostain, a Paris photographer, told how new information has emerged suggesting the car had been stolen and involved in a serious accident.
Mr Rostain told the documentary: “This Ritz car was a wreck. It had crashed before, and been rolled over several times.”
He claimed the car was ready scrapped and it is understood that the owner of the vehicle was paid out by his insurance company.
At some stage the vehicle was repaired and sold on to Etoile Limousines.
Mr Rostain said one of his friends at the Ritz, identified as a driver called Karim, drove the stricken Mercedes earlier in 1997 and warned senior staff about it.
Referring to Frank Klein, the manager of the Ritz at the time, Mr Rostain said: “Two months before the accident, [my friend] left the hotel and the only thing he said to Mr Klein, the director of the Ritz, is that it was necessary to get rid of this wagon. At more than 60 kilometres-an-hour it didn’t hold.”
Mr Rostain is the co-author of a new book called “Who Killed Lady Di?”, while the tragedy is also the subject of a documentary called “Death of Diana: the incredible revelation”, which was shown on the M6 news channel last night.
Orphelie Meunier, the presenter of the M6 documentary, said last night: “We are not offering a theory, a new hypothesis, we are really offering verified facts” adding: “Diana was not safe in this car.”
Among those interviewed were advertising executive Eric Bousquet,the original owner of the Mercedes, who confirmed it had been involved in accidents, and had been stolen.
Ms Meunier said the documentary would help draw a line on conspiracy theories, adding: “It was nothing but a car accident.”
The current owner of the Mercedes is Jean-Francois Musa, 58, and the former boss of Etoile Limousines.
Mr Musa, who still lives in Paris, remains locked in a legal battle with Scotland Yard to get the car wreckage back.
It was shipped to Britain for police forensics experts to examine in the early 2000s, and is now believed to be in a compound in the UK.
The only survivor of the car crash was Trevor Rees-Jones, a former Parachute Regiment soldier turned bodyguard, now aged 49.
Mr Rees-Jones, who was the only person sitting in the Mercedes wearing a seatbelt, was rushed to hospital and made a remarkable recovery.
Mr al-Fayed has always been convinced that Diana’s death was the result of an MI6 plot ordered by the Royal Family.
They did not want to see the Princess marry Dodi following her divorce from Prince Charles, Mr al-Fayed has alleged.
But in 2008 a British jury delivered an inquest verdict of ‘unlawful killing’ caused by the ‘grossly negligent’ Henri Paul, who was speeding away from the paparazzi’s mopeds.
Additional factors were Diana “not wearing a seat belt, and the fact that the Mercedes struck the pillar of the Alma Tunnel rather than colliding with something else”, the inquest concluded.
It is also thought that the Mercedes, which had its speedometer jammed at an astonishing 120mph (196 km/h) after the crash, had clipped a mysterious white Fiat Uno just before impact.
The new revelations will come as a huge blow to Mr Al-Fayed, as they support theories of a routine road traffic accident.
He has always maintained that Mr Paul, who was the Ritz’s deputy head of security, had been trained in advanced driving, and was not drunk at the time.

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