President Biya Celebrates A Hitch Free 20th May 2017, With So Much Uncertainty In His Appearance

Fête Nationale du 20 Mai 2017 (57)
President Biya and wife together with State Barons applauding the Military march pass on their feet

This year's 20th May celebrations was filled with, anxiety uncertainty and fear of the known, following different red and dark angles like Boko Haram, Anglophone Crisis and other societal grievances that could jeopardize security and ruin the day.

The day that began with heavy down pour mixed with thunder, hail and lighting, brought more fear as to whether the downpour was a 'sign of anger from above', or a 'shower of blessing in disguise'.
Fête Nationale du 20 Mai 2017 (33)
Arrival of the Presidential Escort

As the Presidential escorts made its way out of the Unity Palace, hearts began racing as to what will happen to the 'Lion man' on his way to the ceremonial ground, on the ceremonial and after. 

Fête Nationale du 20 Mai 2017 (31)
President Biya jumping out of the luxurous Sedan

At the Presidential escort finally made its triumphant entrance into the 20th May Boulevard Yaounde, and President Biya, who from his appearance looked 'frail, frightened and fragile', despite the Legion of soldiers surrounding him from the air above in crafts, to  foot soldiers on the ground with all protective ammunition for his safety, jumped down from his Luxury Sedan, walked six steps, before the National Anthem welcomed him.

After the anthem, many held their breath as he walked to climb the black convertible limousine, that looked like the one that embarrased him last year.

Fête Nationale du 20 Mai 2017 (44)
A sick worried looking President Biya, parading the ceremonial of a brand new convertible limousine

As the Chief of Armed Forces, mounted the limousine and was parading round the ceremonial ground to commune with his people, one could read his mind from the unassertive looks in his eyes, that looked tired but alert, in case of any unforeseen eventuality.

Nothing assured him that his parade will end well, but after he finished the tour, and jumped down from the limousine, it drove up to the parking hitch free.
Fête Nationale du 20 Mai 2017 (29)Fête Nationale du 20 Mai 2017 (23)Fête Nationale du 20 Mai 2017 (25)Fête Nationale du 20 Mai 2017 (26)
Fête Nationale du 20 Mai 2017 (42)Fête Nationale du 20 Mai 2017 (38)
The Military proving that they have all it takes to make Mr. Biya Proud

The colourful march pass began with the display of each faction of the Cameroonian Armed Forces participating in the military parade under the command of Brigadier General Ezo’o Mvondo Simon,  assisted by Colonel Enow Eyong Joseph.
Fête Nationale du 20 Mai 2017 (30)Fête Nationale du 20 Mai 2017 (43)
Meanwhile, pupils and students sang patriotic songs on the preservation of peace and unity. Political parties also showed their will to respect republican institutions and maintain social cohesion. Members and sympathisers of the ruling CPDM exhibited their might with special tributes to President Paul BIYA.   

The First Lady, Mrs. Chantal BIYA attended the two-hour event, which was placed under the theme: “Army and the nation in full synergy for a Cameroon, united in its diversity and devoted to the ideals of peace, stability and prosperity”..

The Presidential couple left the ceremonial ground very satisfied, as they drove up to the Unity Palace, where they were expected to receive thousands of guests.

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